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About Photo Workshops
What is a Photo Workshop?
The earth is full of such places that catches the attention and leads a person towards picking a backpack with the favorite camera to explore the beauty of nature. Beauty is everywhere! Say it in valleys and mountains or in south or north region, in cities and deserts, and in valleys and mountains! A person must explore such breathtaking views, once in a life.

When a person sees these beautiful sights, it does not matter if it is the warmth of the tender sun or the dank wind blows, if it is cold outside – all this becomes a secondary concern. All these views do is provoking inner creativity in a person

The pictures of such fascinating places remain with you as notable memory in your mind. You can print those memories for decorating your walls and showing them in exhibitions. The masterpieces that you have collected in the form of photos also give you some admiring reviews by your friends. You will always glad to talk about your experiences and circumstances during the journey of creating those masterpieces.

It is our motto to take amazing photos in our photo tours and for this, we spend our precious time, energy, and money. In photo tours, we take pictures of the best locations, at the best time of the year. In return, we get a sense of satisfaction, specifically when we share our creative experience with our like-minded friends.
Who is a Photo Guide?
An experienced photo guide contributes to make your photo-tour memorable by adding creativity in images. It is the person who gives an early start to your day when the sun is at its most favorable point, the branchy baobab is standing tall, and the animals are roaming around. This is the best time to capture the true colors of nature and all this is done by your photo guide!

On the basis of the previous experiences, photo-guide offers you an opportunity to experience the beauty of those destinations, you can only dream of! Immense knowledge and extensive travel experience of capturing pictures allow the tour guides to select an ideal place and time for taking every single picture.

Consider, if the photo-guide you selected is not skilled in photography, the whole of your vacations, your precious time and money will be a waste. Since photo tour is all about picking up the right place at the right time to make the most of photographic opportunities.
How would you identify with whom you should go for a photo tour that would make your trip worth spending?
Often these two options can be considered, one is the recognition of the people and other is the narrow circle of professionals. By keeping a track on a number of subscribed users on social networking profiles, this mystery can be solved. Check if the person has won some contests of photography, see if this guide has some international photographic titles or has his work is nominated in exhibitions.

If you found the answers to above questions in 'NO', your vacations would be ruined and it would be risky to plan a photo tour with such a guide. It's a waste of time and potential to get trained from such a person who himself does not possess any mastery in photography. Though you might find your vacations with such a guide less-expensive, later the results would be more disappointing.

On the whole, guidance from an experienced and well-trained photo-guide will make your photo tour best from the others that have been shot, at the same place by different photographers. It would only be the recognized photographer who can aid you in the whole scenario.
The Day in the Photo Workshop
The only thing that is too valuable for us is the light! Before the first ray of sun, we leave our beds, igloo, and huts and just rush towards the photography point. Believe me, it's all worth it!

The mesmerizing view of the sunrise is the only thing that can leave you speechless! It seems you are the only one who is experiencing the beauty of nature. It's only you and your camera that can truly sense and capture the composition of the entire view.

Photographers do not only experience the beauty of nature, but they also closely experience hot springs, national cuisine, noisy discussions, rough roads, and restless travelling.
Who goes to Photo Workshops?
Mostly the experienced photographers go to photo tours but believe me it is going to be equally interesting for all. This tour would lead the beginners to completely get lost in the fantasy of the magic art. If you have been interested in visiting the places and watching the stunning and eye-catching views on the internet, you can also get a privilege of mastering this skill of capturing the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

The photo tour is all about sharing the experiences and some unforgettable moments through images. Availing the photo tour is the biggest opportunity to enhance your photography skills where you learn to capture the same place with different angles. Of course, photo tours are sometimes expensive since it covers huge efforts, detailed study about the routes and complicated logistics. These photo tours are the biggest source of fun that promises a lot of learning about photography skills.