Snow leopard, Pakistan
Snow leopard

Snow Leopard

Photo expedition to Karakoram
Group 1
Start: March 5, 2025, Gilgit, Pakistan
End: March 13, 2025, Gilgit, Pakistan
One spot left.

Group 2
Start: March 13, 2025, Gilgit, Pakistan
End: March 21, 2025, Gilgit, Pakistan

Group: 2 persons.
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 7000 USD (deposit 3000 USD)
I invite you to a photo expedition to Pakistan, where we will experience magnificent nature of the Karakoram and have a good chance of photographing a snow leopard! It is one of the most beautiful, graceful and photogenic animals on earth, but also it is one of the most secretive ones. The expedition will take place at the beginning of spring so that we can photograph leopards in the snow. During this time, snow leopards are in rut, and the chances of finding this wild cat increase significantly.
Photo tour to Snow leopard
Snow leopard
Here in these virgin mountains it is possible to photograph a snow leopard in its natural habitat without using any bait or camera trap. This is a real photo hunt, it is beautiful, exciting and exclusive. As a result, we will be able to get unique photos that can become a diamond in your collection of photo tours.
We will shoot in the Karakoram mountains at altitudes up to 4500 m, on the border of China and Pakistan, in very beautiful places that are hardly visited by other photographers.

This will be a real photo expedition; 5-6 people will work with us - they are experienced spotters - specialists in finding snow leopards, who will help us search for these rare cats using binoculars and a modern infrared camera.

If we are lucky, we would be able to see the leopard hunting an ibex (mountain sheep), which are found here in large numbers.
Most likely we will be able to get permission to fly a drone from the direction of the national park. It will be possible to take unique footage from a drone, which the snow leopard is not afraid of.

Our trip will take place in the fairly safe region of Gilgit-Baltistan, where the local population is very friendly and hospitable.
In search of Snow Leopard, Pakistan
Snow leopard in the mountains
There is a daily morning flight to Gilgit from the Pakistani capital Islamabad, the flight time is about an hour. However, the flight may be canceled due to bad weather. Then we will get to Gilgit by taxi along the most picturesque Karakoram Highway, laid through the highest mountain ranges of the Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush. Travel time is about 12-13 hours.

* all meals in the mountains during photo safari
* single accommodation
* services of a photo guide and spotters
* transfer from Gilgit to the mountains and back

* international flights
* flights to Gilgit or transfer by Karakorum highway
* hotel in Islamabad
* insurance