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Name: Demeter János
Country: Hungary
Tour: Baikal 2020
It was an excellent organization, everything was in place. We did what we were promised, where we were promised and times were strictly respected. Since photography is highly dependent on weather, we had the flexibility needed to adapt to the changing weather conditions.

The hotel chosen was in a nice place. I am particularly grateful for the advices on camera settings and on diverse artistic photography topics. The advice we got in advance concerning how to dress and what to bring with us, it was quite useful too.
Name: Didier Bertrand
Country: France
Tour: Baikal 2020
A big thank you again for these few days together in Khuzhir .. This stay was very enriching for me, I think I have learned a lot at your contact ... it is only positive and the goal that I was looking for are really achieved.
We were every day at the right place and the exact time for shootings ... A perfect organization.

I am sure that we will stay in touch in the near future and I will very quickly confirm a new workshop tour with you for 2021.
Name: Becky Poon
Country: USA
Tour: Baikal 2020
My husband and I really enjoyed this winter photography tour in Lake Baikal with you. The photo spots were unique, and the schedule was well planned.

We appreciate your willingness to share learnings and photography techniques both on the ground and in the lounge in the afternoon. All the pre-trip email correspondence was great in helping us to prepare for such cold weather. The only suggestion I can think of is to consider adding a "thermos flask" on the check list in case someone wants to bring some hot tea to drink on the ice.

Keep up the good work!
Name: Abram Starr
Country: USA
Tour: Myanmar 2019
Dima, one more time thank you for extremely well organized Myanmar Photo Tour.
It was intense, interesting , just simply GREAT!!!

It was great from the hotel rooms to transportation, from the photo tour guide to logistics, from your personal help to the workshop.

Thanks again
Abba Starr
Looking forward to see you again.
Name: Violet Wilson
Country: Australia
Tour: Slovenia and Croatia 2019
Friendly small group and Dmitry was very approachable. Loved Plitvice and could have easily spent another day there.

Everything was well organized, and accommodation was great. As an older person I was a bit concerned about whether the trip would be a bit much, but I managed just fine.
Name: Anna Knysh
Country: Russia
Tour: Slovenia and Croatia 2019
What am I taking from the photo tour? First and foremost: Photos! Thanks to Dmitry, we are in the right place at the right moment. This is an amazing feeling when a beautiful, but banal tourist place seen from the right point gives a view that takes your breath away! The common "WOW!!!" was always the first reaction when approaching the place of shooting.

Second: ideas. I went to a photo tour to study, and from Dmitriy, I learned a lot about ideas and techniques. Those things that change me, my vision and attitude to photography. They require awareness and self-improvement, but I have no doubt that the result will be stunning.

Third: I'll feel satisfaction due to great time spent in the company of like-minded people. The opportunity to share and discuss the experience obtained in the process of taking photos is priceless!
Name: Valerie Laney
Country: United States
Tour: Madagascar 2019
The Madagascar Photo Tour was my first (and not my last) Photo Tour with Dmitry, and it did not disappoint! Dmitry is not only a great photographer, but he is also a great teacher. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and trying wildlife photography for the first time, and Dmitry was always there helping/encouraging me with settings, composition, etc. I came away with some amazing photos and I really learned so much on this trip. Also, I had just bought a new camera 5 days before the trip (not ideal), and Dmitry sat down with me and helped me set it up (loved that!).
Name: Kirsty Simpson
Country: Great Britain
Tour: Madagascar 2019
Thank you for a fantastic tour. We had a great time and have some great images to process. The tour was incredibly well organised in a country where logistics were not easy! You and Dima did a fantastic job. Your advice and tips on composition and camera settings were much appreciated. I hope we will travel again with you soon.
Name: John Di Tomaso
Country: USA
Tour: Svalbard 2019
Trip of a lifetime

I have dreamt about seeing the Arctic for years and when I heard about 10-days on a small ship with a bunch of photographers from various backgrounds, I was sold. Mike and Dimitry were great photography leads, helpful in regards to photography tips, and were genuinely concerned about their clients' experiences. Prior to the expedition Mike and Dimitry gave advice on gear, travel, and photography equipment. They also talked with me on the phone to ensure I would be a good fit for the group as the trip does involve being on a boat for 10 days with strangers. By the end of the trip you are all singing, drinking, laughing, and sharing photos together.
Name: Charlotte Blanchet
Country: France
Tour: Provence 2019
Beautiful tour in Provence and Camargue. Enjoyed it very much. Organisation was perfect and the group was great. A special thank you to Dmitry and Dima for being always ready to gîve advice and help.
Name: Izabela Wozniak
Country: USA
Tour: Morocco 2019
The Morocco photo tour was all I was hoping for: culture, scenery, and, of course, the Sahara (including camel rides). Photographic opportunities abound but I could not have covered as much ground and been at the right place at the right time for sunrise and sunset without the guidance of Dmitry Arkhipov. It was a great experience!
Name: Rim Aron
Country: USA
Tour: Morocco 2019
I participate in several photography trips each year and enjoy most of them. But rarely do I return with such a warm and fuzzy feeling about the trip that it prompts me to write a review. I did this time.

Our 9 day trip to Morocco was truly fun, thanks to our great group of 9 like-minded individuals. Dmitry Arkhipov, who is an amazing photographer, is also a wonderful group leader, proficient in both Russian and English. He held the group together very well and shared his photographic knowledge willingly.

This was an overall A+ trip and I already signed up for another trip with Dmitry later in the year!
Name: Juan Zas Espinosa
Country: Spain
Tour: Baikal in winter 2019
Fantastic workshop to Lake Baikal. A must go to all landscape photographers. Amazing textures, colors and ice formations, all in one frame. Incredible cristal ice caves shots. Awesome sunrises and sunsets in extraordinary locations, with multiple choices for composition. A paradise for who is looking to shot bubble iced formations. All together from the hand, guide and tuition of Dmitry Arkhipov. A great, accessible and always friendly professional, giving to you the best advices and tips to get the most of these photographic sessions.
Name: Lana Magdel
Country: USA
Tour: Morocco
Morocco is an amazing kaleidoscope of colors, history, people, food, spices, diverse culture and traditions!
Traveling Morocco with Dmitry Arkhipov was that blissful experience when you have a chance to get it all; It's a unique opportunity to exploring the country and seeing Morocco at its best, learning from Dmitry's photo guidances and improving photography skills.
Name: Natalia Metelskaya
Country: Russia
Tour: Morocco
Dima, merci bien de tres interessant et entrainant tour photographique .
Je suis tres content.
J'espere etre votre tour encore fois!
Merci. Natasha
Name: Marco Duijves
Country: Netherlands
Tour: Baikal in winter 2019
I really liked the tour... there are absolutely stunning place to photograph over there, the hotel was fine and so was the organization so am very happy.
Name: Agnes Koltay
Country: Hungary
Tour: Baikal in winter 2019
It was such a great experience to attend this tour in Feb, thank you @d.arkhipov and all participants.
Name: Alexander Nalivaev
Country: Russia
Tour: Cypress Swamps
Once again, I want to thank you for a well-organized tour! It was an unforgettable adventure. Your coherent team, light, mist, mood, allowed us to get excellent results! I am sincerely grateful that you helped me to have an unforgettable trip. The results exceeded all my expectations. Sincerely, Alexander Nalivaev
Name: Alexander Zelinsky
Country: Russia
Tour: Cypress Swamps
My impression of the trip is spectacular. There are few places on the planet where you can find so many interesting stories. Everyone has his or her own view and there remain lots of others.

The very atmosphere of swamps, of patriarchal cypress standing in the water, creates a special feeling. Retrospectively I see that rather than chasing for a good view I should've stopped and listened and observed this magical world. I could listen to mysterious bursts and feel the unwinking stare of an alligator with my back.

If we had a little fog, it would intensify the mystical note and made the landscape more mysterious. However, what we could see was amazing. I remember the graphic reflections of cypresses, their fluttering gray hair, a magnificent sunset on the lake, which we saw in one of the first days, and of course "Heron in the interior". I also remember that I deprived myself of many opportunities, when I left a long-focus lens home.

We all were very lucky that you and Dimitriy had found such a wonderful place. There were practically no mosquitoes and no Chinese tourists at all! It couldn't have been better.

In general - it was great, thank you for a wonderful trip. Maybe I'll see fogs next time.
Name: Marina Malikova
Country: Russia
Tour: Cypress Swamps
It's been two weeks after the trip to cypress swamps of Louisiana and Texas. I thought that emotions will calm down, I'll pull the wool off my eyes and it will be possible to soberly assess the trip and the photos taken. But... it remains the same. This is the best photo tour I've had for the last couple of years. The place was so unusual and incomparable that masterpieces just turned out by themselves! It's a kind of mystical... it seemed to me that there was little in the life that could surprise me, but it did, it surprised me really much.
As for the organization of the tour, it was on top, despite the complexity of logistics and the unusual nature of the tour. Here also was some special warmth and attention of the guides to each participant, so in an emotional sense, this week was complete relaxation.

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