Offer Document
on participation in an outdoor photography master classes
Dmitry Arkhipov Photographer LLC, hereinafter referred to as the "Photographer", on the one hand, and the Participant on the other hand, and together "Parties", have concluded this agreement on the ground that Parties are traveling together with the purpose of learning the arts of photography.

1. The Photographer provides and the Participant pays for the services of teaching the arts of photography in the format of master classes during a group travel.

2. Having concluded this agreement, the Participant confirms that he has no health or medical restrictions and is fully fit for participation in the above-mentioned trip, and also that he has no legal circumstances that may impede the trip, including but not limited to: visa restrictions, legal actions, measures of administrative and criminal enforcement of state bodies and other legal risks.

3. The Participant is fully aware that the trip can take place in remote and hard to reach places and can be dangerous because of natural and other hazards. In this regard, the Participant must have an insurance covering all risks associated with travel.

4. The Participant is supposed to inquire independently about risks associated with the travel, including but not limited to weather, natural, epidemic and administrative-legal factors. Under no circumstances shall the Photographer be liable for life, health, material damage and possible damages to the Participant's property during the trip.

5. The Participant shall bear all the risks and cover all costs due to potential damages to life, health and property of the Participant. The photographer is not responsible for personal security of the Participant during the trip.

6. Under this agreement, the Photographer is only and exclusively responsible for the quality of photography master classes.

7. The Participant must follow the recommendations of the Photographer regarding the necessary equipment for photography and ways of using it.

8. The parties have agreed that the Photographer on behalf of the Participants and by their order, books hotels and arrange transfers.

9. The Parties agreed that all possible disputes will be examined on the basis of Russian law in the court at the place of residence of the Photographer.