Photo tour to Indonesia

Java, Kalimantan, Bali, Flores, Padar, Rinca, and Komodo.

Photo workshop in Indonesia, Bromo
Photo tour to Indonesia
Java, Kalimantan, Bali, Flores, Padar, Rinca, and Komodo.
The Main Program
Seven Islands of Indonesia

Start: August 3, 2024, Jakarta, Indonesia
End: August 13, 2024, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Additional Program
Flores, local village and Kelimutu

Start: August 13, 2024, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia
End: August 18, 2024, Ende, Indonesia

Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov

The main program: 5 100 USD (deposit – 2 000 USD)
Single occupancy: 1 000 USD (except accommodation on a boat)

Additional program: 1 500 USD
Single occupancy: 350 USD (except accommodation in the local village)

The Main Program
Seven Islands of Indonesia

Start: September 3, 2025, Jakarta, Indonesia
End: September 13, 2025, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Additional Program
Flores, local village and Kelimutu

Start: September 13, 2025, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia
End: September 17, 2025, Ende, Indonesia

Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov

The main program: 5 100 USD (deposit – 2 000 USD)
Single occupancy: 1 000 USD (except accommodation on a boat)

Additional program: 1 500 USD
Single occupancy: 350 USD (except accommodation in the local village)

Indonesia is an amazing country located on numerous islands on the border between two great oceans - the Pacific and the Indian.
Some of the islands have been thoroughly explored and densely populated for a long time, and proudly keep historical sites of ancient civilizations. There are stunning volcanoes with magnificent and well recognizable views, and large cities coexist with pristine nature, jungles and alpine forests.
Other islands which we plan to visit, are not as explored. We will find ourselves in the wild jungle of Kalimantan island with no roads and various plants and animal species yet to be discovered by the scientists. Our group will have a small ship at our disposal, and it will become our home in the kingdom of wild nature for two full days. We will be taking pictures of wild orangutans coming to the river banks, and amazing proboscis monkeys living in the crowns of the trees. Kalimantan in the only place on the planet where you can find these unbelievable creatures.
We will visit Komodo island with its giant lizards, that used to coexist with dinosaurs, and shoot incredible landscapes of Padar island. We will also have a small ship at our disposal, and use it for exploring the islands of the Komodo national park.

In the additional program of our tour we will visit a remote aborigine village, and photograph an incredible lake chain of the Kelimutu volcano.

During our photo tour we will visit seven extremely diverse and beautiful islands and four really interesting national parks, get plenty impressions and take great pictures.

This trip will be remembered for a lifetime!

- You can take a drone with you. In some places we can take photos from the air. We will learn how to take pictures from a drone and share our flight experience.
- The tour schedule is subject to change depending on the weather, road conditions etc


The map of Indonesia photo tour
Day 1 (August 3).

On the first day we will meet at 7 p.m. at the five star hotel Swissotel Jakarta PIK Avenue conveniently located near the airport of the Indonesian capital – Jakarta. We will have dinner and get to know each other.
Days 2-3 (August 4 - 5)

In the morning we take a flight to the city Pangkalan Bun in Kalimantan island, where we will board our ship and sail off through the river into the wilderness of the jungle, looking for proboscis monkeys and orangutans.

This jungle is truly unique. The Tanjung Putting reserve is probably the only place on Earth where you can get te experience of a close communication with wild orangutans. We will be photographing them from only a couple of meters away, and it is just the very edge of the giant impenetrable rainforest inhabited by the rarest animals.
Here it is possible to walk side by side with a young orangutan directly to the shooting location, and it is an unforgettable experience. For two days we will be exploring multiple river channels among the endless jungles on our ship, and spend a night in a forest eco lodge.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner included)
Day 4 (August 6)

In the morning we return to the airport, fly to Surabaya city in Central Java, and drive to the Bromo volcano – the most well known location on the Java island (transfer will take us approximately 4 hours).

You'll find this part of Indonesia to be completely different – amazing neat alpine villages on the slopes of the mountains, inhabited by hospitable and hardworking people. In the evening we will be able to shoot the volcano right from the door of our lodge, which is located on the edge of a huge caldera. Walking along the paths near the lodge, you can take great shots of the volcanic landscapes.

(Breakfast included)
Day 5 (August 7)

Before dawn we will be taken by jeeps to the Pananjakan mountain, and stop at the King Kong hill where we'll meet the sunrise and see the most well-known and famous view of the volcano. In the afternoon we will drive around the surroundings, take pictures of the colorful local villages and their inhabitants, and go to the observation deck near our hotel for sunset shooting.

The next day we will have another morning shooting with a magnificent view of the Bromo volcano.

(Breakfast included)
Days 6-7 (August 8-9)

After sunrise shooting and breakfast, we will head to our next volcano - Ijen. (Transfer about 7 hours)
Along the way, we will stop in picturesque mountain villages and take pictures of local people who willingly pose.

Our ascent to the Ijen crater will begin at night. The ascent is not easy and takes about two hours. However, the conquest of this stunning volcano is open to travelers of all ages and levels of experience. You can rent a cart downstairs and the local peasants will take you upstairs and then take you back to the bus.

We will climb a ridge above an acidic lake of amazing color, where we will shoot magnificent views. The water in the lake during the day changes its color from deep blue to bright turquoise after dawn. You can also take great drone shots here.

We will also take photos of local peasants carrying sulfur in wicker baskets up the steep slopes.

(Breakfast included)

Day 8 (August 10)

After breakfast and a short rest, we will continue our journey to the wonderful island of Bali, where we will cross by ferry. We will drive along the coast and at sunset we will shoot one of the most photogenic temples of the island - Pura Tanah Lot. (Transfer about 4 hours)
Days 9 - 10 (August 11 - 12)

In the morning we fly from Bali to the island of Flores. From here we will begin our sea journey through the islands of the famous Komodo National Park. We will spend two days on the ship.

We will make a short trip to Komodo Island, where we will shoot giant lizards. These animals are incredible, and if we're lucky, we can get up to two meters from them. Dragons are not very fast and are afraid of us as well. But next to us there will always be rangers who will help in shooting and will monitor our safety.
In the afternoon we will land on the neighboring island of Padar, on a beach with amazing pink sand. If you wish, you can dive with a mask here. Jacques Yves Cousteau considered the local underwater world as one of the best on our planet. Right next to the shore you can see colorful corals, all kinds of fish, small rays and even small sharks.

We have planned a sunset photo shoot on Padar island where you can take pictures of an incredibly beautiful landscape from the top of the island.

At dawn the next day, we will shoot from the ship, or if you wish, you can climb to the top of the island once again, and in the afternoon we will go to shoot dragons on Komodo Island one more time. We will walk along the eco-trail deep into the jungle to shoot in a different landscape.

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the boat are included)
Day 11 (August 13)

In the afternoon, at about noon we will arrive at the port of Labuan Bajo, where our tour ends, and from where you can fly home (there are many different flights from Labuan Bajo to Bali and Jakarta), or continue your journey with us to the unique village of the aborigines of the island of Flores and to another wonderful volcano Kilimutu.

(Breakfast included)
additional program


The map of the Flores photo tour
Day 12 (August 14)

A remote village with thatched huts lies in the caldera of an extinct volcano in the depths of impenetrable forests, which can only be reached on foot.
There are only a few places like that on the planet, and it might be the only chance to visit one of them.

In the early morning we start our journey to the inland of the Flores island. The car drive will take approximately 5 hours, after which we will have a short motorcycle taxi ride, and continue on foot along the path to Wae Rebo village (2-3 hours). Along the way, you will be able to take pictures of interesting views.

The village will meet us by a colorful greeting ceremony, and we must say that everything here is permeated with ancient traditions.
According to one of such traditions we will spend a night on plain mats in a large guest hut, which will be very authentic.

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included)
Day 13 (August 15)

In the morning we will take picture of the local residends whose life is just as it used to be hundreds of years ago. The people in the village are very friendly and enjoy posing. And in the afternoon we will go back. In the evening we will check into a hotel in Labuan Bajo.

(Breakfast included)
Days 14 - 16 (August 16 - 18)

In the morning, we fly by local airlines to the other end of Flores Island to the city of Ende, to the Kilimutu volcano.
We will live in a very cozy eco-lodge in the middle of picturesque rice fields near the volcano. (the road from the airport will take about 2 hours).

We will leave our hotel before sunrise, - the drive will take approximately 30 – 40 minutes, and then we'll take a 15-minute walk along the road to reach the observation deck. We'll see three stunning volcanic lakes with different water colors which change every few years. This is a very good location for drone photography as well.

After a walk to the volcano, we will return to the lodge, take pictures of the rice fields, and next morning we will move to Ende Airport, where our trip ends. From here you can fly to Denpasar Airport in Bali.

(Breakfast included)

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