Kyrgyzstan Photo Expedition

The unique nature of the Tien Shan mountains
Фототур в Киргизию

Kyrgyzstan Photo Expedition

The unique nature of the Tien Shan mountains
Start: June 10, 2023, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
June 17, 2023, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: $2180 (deposit $1200)
Single occupancy: $600
Don't miss an exciting chance to join our photography workshop to Kyrgyz Republic with its virgin nature, majestic Tien Shan peaks, hidden high altitude lakes, endless silky grass hills, and colorful sky that keeps changing throughout the day will charm you without any doubt!

This Central Asian country is unlike any other you have ever visited, and it will definitely surprise you in the best way possible – there are not that many places on our planet left where you can experience the true unity with the nature and face an old civilization where people still live their lives like they used to hundreds of years ago. Kyrgyz Republic is a very safe country, and it welcomes everyone who wishes to visit it.
Каньон в Киргизии
We will visit one of the most high altitude lakes in the world, surrounded by the mountain peaks. We will make unique photographs of an amazing canyon with fantastic rocky sculptures of all shades of red. The canyon could easily compete with the world well known canyons – and possibly even win this competition, and yet you'll be one of the first photographers to visit this unforgettable location.
Горное озеро, Киргизия
We will stop by the endless hills covered with such smooth and silky grass that you'll feel like running your hands through it, leading us to a canyon that is called "a fairytale" since it is so rich with bright red, orange and yellow colors allowing your photographs to be alive and vibrant.
Горы на закате в Киргизии
We will have an exciting photo shoot with a local golden eagle hunter and his gorgeous bird – these traditions are still alive in Kyrgyz Republic. And of course we will be taking pictures of the horses grazing endless fields covered with flowers of all colors with the snowy mountains as the background.
Охотник с беркутом
This tour will allow you to have it all – the most amazing mountain landscapes, authenticity of the old civilizations, nature that have not been spoiled by the modern world, chance to learn from the best in different types of photo shooting, and comfort and safety which we always consider our top priority in any photo tour we are organizing.
- You can take a drone with you. In some places we can take photos from the air. We will learn how to take pictures from a drone and share our flight experience.


Day 1 (June 10)

We meet in Bishkek at Orion Hotel Bishkek at 10:00 and drive to the Chunkurchak gorge. The road will pass through the picturesque Arashan gorge. We will shoot beautiful mountain landscapes, and breath with the clean mountain air.
It will be possible to make a short walk through the beautiful forest to the view point near the alpine meadows.
We will spend the night in comfortable yurts with all amenities and incredible views from the windows. (Altitude 2400 m above sea level)

Transfer about 1.5 hours
Day 2 (June 11)

After morning shooting and early breakfast, we leave for the town of Naryn.
The road will be very beautiful, along the way we will take pictures of the Tien Shan landscapes.
Evening shooting will take place in the picturesque hills in the vicinity of Naryn. These amazing folds of the foothills of the Tien Shan with smooth transitions to alpine meadows are unique and very photogenic.

We will spend the night comfortably in the best hotel in Naryn. (Altitude 2000 m above sea level.)

Long drive about 6 hours
Day 3 (June 12)

After morning shooting in the vicinity of Naryn, we drive along a beautiful road to Lake Kel-Suu. (Altitude 3500 m above sea level)
Overnight in a yurt camp with outdoor facilities (no shower).

Drive about 4 hours
Day 4 (June 13)

At sunrise we will ride to Lake Kel-Suu on horses (about 7 km). Horses are calm and if you don't know how to ride horses, you will have a great opportunity to learn.
Lake Kel-Suu is one of the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan. The lake appeared in the 80s after a landslide. It is surrounded by rocks on all sides. Scenic views open from the dam. During our journey, the water level in the lake should be at its maximum, although, to be honest, it is almost impossible to predict this.

We will return to Naryn for sunset shooting.
Overnight in a comfortable hotel in Naryn.
Day 5 (June 14)

After breakfast, we leave for the mountain lake Son-Kul. (Height above sea level 3016 m). The road will run through a very beautiful area. We will shoot breathtaking landscapes at the 33 Parrot pass, which is rightfully considered the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan. Nearby there is a very beautiful waterfall with the same name.

Overnight in a yurt camp on the shore of Son-Kol lake (outdoor facilities).
Drive over 4 hours.
Day 6 (June 15)

After sunrise shooting at Son-Kul lake, we will move to the famous Issyk-Kul lake. (Height above sea level 1608 m). Driving along a very beautiful road, we will shoot folded mountains, and at sunset we will go to the fantastic canyon "Fairy Tale", iridescent with yellow and red hues.

Overnight in a cozy guest house right on the lake.
Drive more than 5 hours
Day 7 (June 16)

On this day we will go to the beautiful mountain waterfalls of Barskoon, where the scenery sometimes resembles Switzerland. After that, we have a scheduled photo session with Berkutchi, a traditional Kyrgyz hunter, and we will also visit the amazing beauty of the Jety-Oguz gorge or the rocks of the Seven Bulls.

Overnight at the hotel on Issyk-Kul lake
Drive over 5 hours.
Day 8 (June 17)

Early rise and departure to the gorge with unique pink rocks, it looks like the Grand Canyon in the USA. We go on a short walk no more than 3 km. The road is not difficult along the bottom of a dried river.

No later than 16:00 we plan to return to Bishkek, from where we can fly home, or stay and see the city.
Drive about 4 hours.

* breakfasts
* accommodation in double suites
* transfers and excursions
* guide services, photography consultations

* International air fares
* insurance
* alcoholic drinks
* meals except for breakfast