Photo tour to Morocco
Morocco, photography expedition from the Atlantic to the Sahara

Morocco photo workshop

From the Atlantic to the Sahara
Start: April 5, 2025, Casablanca, Morocco
End: April 13
, 2025, Casablanca, Morocco

Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 3170€ (Deposit 1500€)
For single occupancy: 800€
We invite you to an exciting photo tour to Morocco "From the Atlantic to the Sahara" showcasing Morocco as a beautiful cocktail of cultures and natural landscapes, sand dunes and snowy peaks of the High Atlas, olive groves and ancient cities.

We have been running this tour for 10 years now, and every year we improve the route, find the best photo points, new interesting filming locations and authentic hotels.
Sahara, Morocco, photo tour
We will spend two and a half days in the silky sand dunes of the Sahara. We will see and photograph camels walking though the desert at sunrise and sunset, and the most adventurous ones will be able to ride them.

We will visit authentic Essaouira, where fishermen bring their catch from the Atlantic in the early morning, take photos of the old Portuguese fort and famous fishing boats in the harbor. Then we'll move on to Marrakesh with its busy bazaars, squares and mosques. We will pass through the mountains of the High Atlas, see snow-covered mountain peaks over 4,000 meters (13000 ft) and beautiful blossoming valleys, and we will also visit the Berber fortress built of clay, and photograph it at dawn and sunset.
Morocco photo workshop
Shoara tannery, Fez, Morocco
Fez, Morocco
Shoara tannery, Morocco
The narrow streets and famous tanneries of Fes, attracting photographers from all around the world, will capture our imagination and allow us to see the life as if it stood still for centuries. Last but not least, you will take breathtaking photos of Chefchaouen well known for its sky-blue houses of all shades.

During the tour we will experience life in Moroccan riads with their cool courtyards, enjoy wonderful oriental cuisine and excellent company.

In our tours, we focus on teaching the art of artistic photography. There will be master classes and consultations with a discussion of theory and practice of photography.
Chefchaouen blue town, Morocco photo workshop
Chefchouen blue city
Day 1 (April 5)


We meet in the evening at 20:00 in the center of Casablanca at the Melliber Casablanca Hotel. Together we go to dinner at Rick's Café, where the atmosphere of the famous 1942 film "Casablanca" is recreated.
Day 2 (April 6)

Casablanca - El Jadida - Essaouira

Sunrise shooting is planned at the Hassan II Mosque - a grandiose building on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. You can take great pictures at sunrise.

After breakfast, we will go to the city of El Jadida, where we walk around the old Portuguese fort, shoot scenes from the life of locals.

We will have lunch in a cozy French fish restaurant with an oriental accent, where there is always fresh seafood.

Casablanca - El JAdida (106 km)

After lunch, we are heading to Essaouira - a beautiful romantic city on the Atlantic coast, which has managed to preserve the amazing Moroccan flavor.

We will shoot blue fishing boats in the port, the fish market, seagulls, an ancient fortress at sunrise and sunset.

El Jadida - Essaouira (276 km)
Day 3 (April 7)

Essaouira - Marrakesh

In the morning, after sunrise shooting in the port, we will have free time to wander around the cozy city, and in the afternoon we will leave for Marrakesh, the cultural capital of Morocco.

On the way, we will stop for lunch at a local farm, where excellent cheeses are made among olive and orange trees.
We will visit an argan oil factory. This is one of the rarest oils in the world. Argan trees grow and bear fruit only in the vicinity of Essaouira.

Marrakesh is a completely another Morocco, very different from the calm cities of the Atlantic coast.
We will walk through the winding streets of the Medina, visit the UNESCO-listed Jama al-Fna Square, and at sunset we will take a long exposure shots of the market square from a high balcony.

Essaouira - Marrakesh (190 km)
Day 4 (April 8)

Marrakesh - High Atlas - Ksar Ait Ben Haddou

In the morning we will have time to walk around the huge bazaar, take pictures of colorful shops and buy souvenirs that Marrakech is famous for. And then we will leave for Ouarzazate through the most beautiful pass in the Atlas Mountains. Here we will have a picnic in the mountains.

In the evening we will arrive at the hotel near the ancient fortress of Ait Ben Haddou. We will climb its walls, drink local coffee in a cozy cafe and wait for the sunset at the top point, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Marrakesh - Ait-Ben-Haddou (180 km)
Day 5 (April 9)

Ait Ben Haddou - Dades Gorge - Sahara

In the morning, after shooting the fortress, we will walk along the ancient streets of the city of Ourzazate, and then we will have a long drive to the Sahara, to the town of Merzouga, a real pearl of Morocco. Here we will see high dunes which alone would justify coming to this beautiful country.

On the way, we will stop at the picturesque Dades Gorge with amazing rock formations and serpentine, which we will shoot from the highest point.

Ait Ben Haddou - Merzouga (438 km)
Day 6 (April 10)

Merzouga, Sands of the Sahara

We will stop at the very edge of the dunes in a cozy lodge with a swimming pool.

In the morning and in the evening we will take pictures of the Sahara and caravans with drovers in national clothes. We will have our own caravan, we will be able to ride camels and even guide them along the dunes in the rays of the setting sun.
Day 7 (April 11)

Merzouga - Fez

In the morning, after breakfast, we will have a long drive along a scenic road to the city of Fez.

They say that the medina of Fez is the most authentic place in the East. It has retained its medieval way of life, but civilization has not yet fully penetrated here. Cute donkeys are used as transport on the streets of Fez, and in the shops you can see the work of local artisans.

At sunset, we will shoot the panorama of Fez from a great vantage point above the city.
We will live in Fez in one of the best riads in Morocco, in the former house of the vizier.

Merzouga - Fez (470 km)
Day 8 (April 12)

Fez. Tannery. Chefchaouen

In the morning we will have a tour of the medina, take pictures of the inhabitants, visit various workshops and a bakery. We will see the famous Shouara tannery, where artisans dress skins in vats of multi-colored dyes. This is one of the most photogenic places in Morocco.

Then we will go to the most romantic and beautiful city of Morocco, Chefchaouen. Its blue houses are one of the hallmarks of Morocco.
We will stay in a very stylish and beautiful riad in the very center of the city.

Fez - Chefchaouen (212 km)
Day 9 (April 13)

Chefchaouen - Casablanca

In the morning we will shoot on the streets of Chefchaouen, and after breakfast we will head towards Casablanca. Here our journey ends. At about 20:00 we will be at the airport.

This concludes our photo tour. You can fly the same day on an evening flight, or stay in Morocco some more days.

Chefchaouen - Casablanca (370 km)

* Transportation and transfers along the route
* Breakfasts
* 4-5* level hotels or riads
* Excursions and guide services
* Photo consultation


* Tickets to Casablanca and back
* Medical insurance
* Food
* Alcoholic drinks
* Tips

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  • Name: Phillip Kwan
    Country: Canada
    Tour: Morocco 2023
    My photo trip to Morocco was a total success. Dmitry leaded us to the right place at the right time to capture some amazing images. Highly recommended.
    Phillip Kwan, Toronto, Canada
  • Name: Cindy Wong
    Country: Canada
    Tour: Morocco 2023
    The Morocco photo trip with Dmitry was an incredible experience. Dmitry leaded us to beautiful locations and provided directions to capture amazing photos. Looking forward to more photo trips with Dmitry!
  • Name: Ernie Vater
    Country: USA
    Tour: Morocco 2022
    Morocco and Cypress Swamps ... and soon South Georgia

    I have taken two trips with Dmitry so far and am anxiously awaiting my third. He is not only a phenominal photographer, but has also become a friend. Dmitry cares greatly about his art and his clients. He wants to be sure to provide you with the best locations, any advice on shooting them and also enjoying yourself along the way. In short, he wants to provide the best possible experience and he works hard to achieve it. The primary focus is obviously on photography, but he takes time to allow you to experience the food, and the culture of a place as well. He takes time to get know you, and is always there if you have questions. From beginer to pro he has you covered.

    As mentioned above, I have taken two trips and am signed up for my third. I have simply never been disapointed on one of his tours. You won't be either.
  • Name: Simanta V. Mahanta
    Country: USA
    Tour: Morocco 2022
    If you have one shot at visiting Morocco and you want to see it all in 8 days with proud photographs, Dima's tour it is! As a well experienced traveler of Morocco, Dima knows the best locations and also understands the nuances of Morocco's personality. He's a suitable guide for all levels of photography: from a beginner to a seasoned pro.

    Even a non-photographer can enjoy this trip although you will get most value if you come with a camera. Travel within Morocco was comfortable, well planned and quite efficient. Dima is a client-first person and ensures we are in position for the best photographs.
  • Name: Nida Raja
    Country: USA
    Tour: Morocco 2022
    An amazing Morocco trip - and I'm not even a photographer! I wanted to have really nice pictures of myself around Morocco and your itinerary was awesome! I enjoyed modelling in different locations and thank you for directing the posing! I now have a greater appreciation and understanding of photography too. Hope to travel again and hear more of your stories.
  • Name: Sarwat Ibrahim
    Country: Canada
    Tour: Morocco 2022
    Dear Dima,
    Morocco photography workshop was a unique, enjoyable, and greatly productive photo tour for me.

    The enormous effort you put in arranging the places, and accommodation , made this tour a memorable and enjoyable experience for me. It allowed us to be in the best places, for photography in the right time.

    I was deeply connected with everyone in this tour group, such lovely, kind, friendly great people.

    Above all, the learning experiences in photography , improved greatly my skills to be at the level of professional ones. Photography is my passion, and I am always trying to improve my skills through self learning, watching YouTube , reading articles, and buying photography magazines. I, must say here that what in leaned from Dmitry in 9 days is worth of what I have done in 9 years self learning.

    This photo tour is addictive, looking forward for opportunity to join you in next photo tour.

    I sincerely thank you

    Sarwat Ibrahim
    Family Physician , Toronto, Canada
  • Name: Barbara Tricarico
    Country: USA
    Tour: Morocco 2022

    I totally loved our trip. You picked the BEST hotels! You led us to the perfect scenic spots at sunset and sunrise. Your expertise was so helpful!! I haven't shot much of anything since pre-Covid, so I needed a refresher, especially with my new mirrorless camera. (And your tripod was most welcomed.) You also came to my rescue as I almost fell into the sea at Essaouria!

    I really learned a lot from your slide show (good idea!) I would have only loved one more day at Marrakech or Fes since that felt rushed. However what a great way to end at Chefchouen. I felt relaxed and we all had fun. It was a nice group as well. All in all, I'd give you 5 stars! Thanks so much and I hope to join you again!

  • Name: Valeria Maleva
    Country: Spain
    Tour: Morocco 2021
    All my life I organized trips to somebody else - family, friends and clients. But this time everything was different. The photo tour with.. was a real new experience. Great company of amazing people from different countries, beautiful landscapes, a lot of fun and, I hope good photos, that I still haven't time to see. Thanks a lot, Dima @.. and hope to see your soon in the next tour!
  • Name: Nader Al Ajmi
    Country: Kuwait
    Tour: Morocco 2021
    Thank you, Dimrty for a great work shop, it was very educational & adventurous.
    Locations all were great.
    Hotels, food & company with you and the Team was amazing.
  • Name: Tamara Starostina
    Country: Russia
    Tour: Morocco 2021
    I rarely write reviews, but our photo trip to Morocco definitely deserves a glowing one. It was a perfect balance of carefully chosen locations for photo shootings, excellent organization and time management that allowed us to be at the best places at exactly the right times, and relaxed friendly atmosphere throughout the whole trip.

    Dmitry gave all of us great photo tips, and somehow he managed to tailor them perfectly for each member of our team which is truly amazing, given that we all have different backgrounds and photo experience. He was always there to lead, guide and teach, and also to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and everything goes smoothly.

    We experienced the best of Morocco with its historic medinas and camel caravans in the desert, while staying at exquisite authentic riads and really nice hotels. Thank you, Dmitry, for a memorable and flawless trip, - it's been an honor and great pleasure to be a part of it.
  • Name: Izabela Wozniak
    Country: USA
    Tour: Morocco 2019
    The Morocco photo tour was all I was hoping for: culture, scenery, and, of course, the Sahara (including camel rides). Photographic opportunities abound but I could not have covered as much ground and been at the right place at the right time for sunrise and sunset without the guidance of Dmitry Arkhipov. It was a great experience!
  • Name: Rim Aron
    Country: USA
    Tour: Morocco 2019
    I participate in several photography trips each year and enjoy most of them. But rarely do I return with such a warm and fuzzy feeling about the trip that it prompts me to write a review. I did this time.

    Our 9 day trip to Morocco was truly fun, thanks to our great group of 9 like-minded individuals. Dmitry Arkhipov, who is an amazing photographer, is also a wonderful group leader, proficient in both Russian and English. He held the group together very well and shared his photographic knowledge willingly.

    This was an overall A+ trip and I already signed up for another trip with Dmitry later in the year!
  • Name: Lana Magdel
    Country: USA
    Tour: Morocco 2019
    Morocco is an amazing kaleidoscope of colors, history, people, food, spices, diverse culture and traditions!
    Traveling Morocco with Dmitry Arkhipov was that blissful experience when you have a chance to get it all; It's a unique opportunity to exploring the country and seeing Morocco at its best, learning from Dmitry's photo guidances and improving photography skills.
  • Name: Natalia Metelskaya
    Country: Russia
    Tour: Morocco 2019
    Dima, merci bien de tres interessant et entrainant tour photographique .
    Je suis tres content.
    J'espere etre votre tour encore fois!
    Merci. Natasha