Photography Workshop

Wolves and Noble deer

Photographing animals in the natural environment
Тур на Байкал для фотографов
Wolves in nature
Wolves and Noble deer
Photographing animals in the natural environment
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Start: January 5, 2021, Minsk, Belarus
End: January 9, 2021, Minsk, Belarus
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 1590
€ (deposit 700 €) *
Early bird price: 1390€ (before July 1st 2019)

Single supplement 400€
*Based on double occupancy
We will spend five days in a beautiful pine forest on the border of Belarus and Russia. All this time we will take photos of the inhabitants of the local forests: noble deer, moose, fallow deer, roe deer, bison and, of course, wolf.

The wolf is a very smart and careful predator. It is almost impossible to take a good photo of a wolf in nature. But our wolves are acquainted with people since childhood. Therefore, we will have a rare opportunity to take good pictures of wolves in their natural habitat.

Every day we will drive an offroadster through the forest with a huntsman, looking for wild animals. We will learn how to behave in the forest, how to take photos of wild animals, study the appropriate artistic techniques. We will connect with nature, become a part of it.

You will have the opportunity to get an incomparable experience, to learn a lot about the art of wildlife photography, to communicate with like-minded people and of course, to make great photos and get the brightest emotions.
Wolf in the forest
The wolf in the winter forest
Wolf in the forest, winter
The wolf in the winter forest
The wolf attacks
The wolf is attacking


Day 1. (January 5)
We meet at 3 p.m. at the airport of Minsk, from where we go directly to the nature reserve. We will stay in a comfortable guest house with all amenities.

Days 2-4. (January 6-8)
Every day we will travel by car with the huntsman in search of wild animals. In the local forests, there is a large number of noble deer, fallow deer, bison. In winter, the animals in the reserves are fed, and we will be able to approach them at a relatively close distance near the feeders.

Moose are the ones to look for, but there are quite a lot of them, and we will have a good chance to meet them and make good photos.

One of these days we are to shoot wolves. We will become a part of the wolf pack and have the unique shooting of wolves in the winter forest.

And in the evening, when we get together in a company of like-minded people, we will discuss the pictures taken, and analyze the shooting day. We also have planned workshops on art photography and particularities of shooting wild animals.

Day 5. (January 9)
In the morning, we will take photos, and in the afternoon we will go to Minsk airport. Here our tour ends. About 6 p.m. we'll be at the airport.

The cost of the tour includes:

* Accommodation
* Transfers to natural reserve and back
* Guide services
* Assistance in photography
The tour price does not include:

- The meal
- Alcoholic beverages
- Health insurance
- Tickets to Minsk and back

To register for the tour please fill the form below. We will notify you about availability and payment options. If there are no available spots, your registration will be automatically placed to the waiting list.