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Uzbekistan photo workshop

Uzbekistan Photo Workshop

The Pearl of the East
Start: April 20, 2025, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
April 26, 2025, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: $2330 (deposit $1000)
Early bird price before June 1, 2024: $2230
Single supplement: $700

Get ready for an unforgettable photo tour to Uzbekistan – a country that will capture your imagination with its unique architecture and numerous opportunities to master street photo as well as the classic landscape and cityscape.

Most photographers have never even heard of this country where we will be spending a whole week, taking in unbelievable beauty of this unique oriental gem. Underestimated and definitely under photographed, Uzbekistan will uncover its mysteries to us one by one. Ancient cities have magically kept their authenticity, and yet are able to provide travelers will full comfort and safety, and we will see the best of each of them. We will be among the first photographers here which would give you an exquisite opportunity to take pictures that have never been taken before which is exciting - and very rare in todays world.
As you will witness yourselves, many people here still wear the same national clothes that were in use hundreds of years ago, and most of them are happy and willing to be a part of photographers vision. We will be enjoying street photo meeting truly unique and colorful people walking down the narrow streets of Old Bukhara and Xiva – and what could be better for street photography than being able to capture true life in its authenticity? We will not stop at street photo though, and have at least one photo shoot with a beautiful local model, giving you a perfect opportunity to make exquisite and authentic photos and also learn how to work with a professional model in real life.
Model in Samarkand
Ancient fortresses, castles, mosques, muslim universities and streets themselves that have already been here over 2500 years ago will allow us to create exceptional and almost unbelievable shots. Having traveled the world, I have never seen the kind of architecture typical for Uzbekistan. We will take our time enjoying and photographing these unparalleled historical monuments, all being part of UNESCO heritage. Each of the cities we will visit has its own charm and unmistakably unique atmosphere and dignified beauty.

Uzbekistan is a very safe country, providing high quality service for travelers, including comfortable and nicely decorated hotels, great local cuisine - and even good local wines! We will be taking a high speed train to get from city to city, stay in some of the best hotels in the area, try the best local dishes, and experience local culture.


Day 1 (April 20)

We meet in Tashkent, at OSCAR BOUTIQUE HOTEL, near the airport and city center.
In the evening we will have dinner together in a fine Uzbek restaurant.
Stroks at Bukhara market
Day 2 (April 21)

In the morning after breakfast, we go to the railway station to board a comfortable high-speed train at 8:30, and in a couple of hours we will be in beautiful Samarkand. Samarkand is a pearl, a highlight of Uzbekistan. This city amazes and delights.

In the evening we will walk around the square of the magnificent Registan and take pictures of luxurious medieval universities, decorated with bizarre ornaments.
Day 3 (April 22)

Today will be a special day. At dawn, we will shoot a local model girl in a beautiful Uzbek dress against the backdrop of the madrasah and minarets of Samarkand. Such shooting is what it is worth coming to Uzbekistan for.

In the evening we will again walk along the ancient streets and squares of the city, try the excellent local cuisine, talk with the locals, and of course take many interesting photos.
Day 4 (April 23)

Early in the morning we have planned shooting on the streets of Samarkand, we will photograph the squares and buildings at dawn, when the city is still sleeping, we will be able to enjoy the ancient architecture and make good shots in silence.

And after breakfast at 10:46 we will again take a high-speed train and go further to Bukhara. (1,5 hour)

On this day we will shoot on the streets of the old city of Bukhara. Here you have a great opportunity to take interesting street photos, photograph people in national clothes, plunge into the hustle and bustle of Central Asia.
Day 5 (April 24)

Early in the morning we have another photo session scheduled with a local model. Now in the very heart of Bukhara. New model, new costumes, new architecture.

In the evening we will walk along the noisy streets, we will take pictures of merchants, children, enjoy the autumn coolness and oriental flavor. And after that we will have dinner in one of the best restaurants in Bukhara and talk about taken photos, and after that we will have a rest in our cozy hotel.

And on the same day, late at night at 04:22, we will board the train in a sleeping car, so that in 7 hours the next day we will be in the ancient capital of the Khiva kingdom.
Day 6 (April 25)

At 11:00 our train arrives in Xiva. This is a very small town, standing on the border of the sands of the Kara-Kum desert, at the place where caravans stop on the Great Silk Road. And yet, this very cozy and colorful town is over 2500 years old. Once Xiva was the last capital of the ancient Khorezm Kingdom.

We will shoot Xiva, its people, the famous blue tower, decorated with incredible ornaments. Xiva is the only city in Central Asia where shakhristan, or the so-called inner city, has been preserved. We will plunge deep into the centuries and take pictures of the architecture and inhabitants of the ancient city.
Xiva. Blue tower
Day 7 (April 26)

In the morning we leave for Urgench airport, where our tour will end, and at 15:30 we can fly to Tashkent, where we will be around 17:00.

It will also be possible to take a direct evening flight from Urgench to Moscow.
Bukhara, photo tour
Street photos in Uzbekistan

* breakfasts
* accommodation in double suites
* transfers and excursions
* guide services, photography consultations

* Air fares
* insurance
* alcoholic drinks
* meals except for breakfast