Yamal muskoxen of the Polar Urals

Muskoxen of the Polar Urals

March 2024
Start: March 23, 2024, Salekhard, Russia
End: March 29, 2024, Salekhard, Russia

Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 3300€ (Deposit 1500€)

During this photo workshop, we'll photograph wild Arctic muskoxen and live in a reindeer herders' camp in the Polar Urals. We'll get acquainted with the lifestyle and cuisine of nomadic reindeer herders and enjoy a magical winter reindeer sleigh ride. There's a great chance to see the arctic lights, aurora polaris, over the endless tundra.
Day 1
Meeting in Salekhard

Our expedition begins right on the Arctic Circle in the city of Salekhard on the Yamal Peninsula. After our morning flight, we'll take a Trekol, an all-terrain monster of a vehicle, which is indispensable for the local landscape, and drive to the remote Gornokhadatinsky Nature Reserve in the mountains of the Northern Urals. Travel takes approximately 7-10 hours, depending on the weather.

We'll be at the camp by the evening. Upon arrival, we'll get to know the local Nenets reindeer herder's family and later stay in an authentic multi-share traditional tent (chum) wrapped in reindeer hides. Don't worry about cold temperatures, our chum should be warm and cozy enough, a wood-burning stove is always up and running.
Days 2-5
Yamal, Northern Urals

During these few days, we'll spend time in a family of Nenets reindeer herders, live in a chum (and sleep in our sleeping bags), observe people's indigenous lives and photograph a herd of half-wild reindeer in the tundra. We'll dine together with our hosts and try local cuisine, which consists mainly of venison, fish, and taiga berries (however, there's a chance you'll see familiar foods as well). In the evenings, our hosts start the generator, so there will be electricity for you to recharge the batteries.

We'll learn how to lasso reindeer, harness and manage them. Every night, we'll observe the polar sky in the hope of catching the arctic lights. Moreover, if the weather allows it, every day, we'll ride a snowmobile with a towed sled behind it to the habitats of muskoxen, where there's a great chance we'll have an opportunity to photograph wildlife in their pristine environment.

There are not many places in the world where you can see these majestic stately animals in the wild. Muskoxen were reintroduced to Yamal in 1997, where after a period of short captivity they were released. Muskoxen prefer to live close to each other. Thankfully, they are not that much afraid of people here, so, if we're lucky, we'll get close enough to capture great images.

Days 6-7
The way back

After breakfast, we'll take the now-familiar Trekol and drive through the tundra back to Salekhard. We'll have lunch along the way. In the evening, we'll check-in at the hotel (double suite/twin bed).
Day 7
Flight home

In the morning, we'll arrive at the airport and fly to Moscow, where you'll travel back home.
Nenets reindeer herder
Yamal reindeer herder in the fishing
Aurora on Yamal
Nothern lights above the camp of reindeer herders in Yamal
musk oxen of the Polar Urals
Photo expedition, photographing of arctic musk oxen in Yamal
Photo expedition to Yamal
during our photo expedition to the cam of reindeer herders of Yamal
Local people reindeer herders of Yamal
Yamal, Russia, Polar Urals. Reindeer herders on a rest
The camp of reindeer herders, chum
In the camp of reindeer herders in the Polar Urals during photo-expedition for musk oxen
Nenets woman
The local people of Yamal
During photo expedition for musk oxen
Photographing of musk oxen in Yamal
In the reindeer sled
Reindeer riding
Inside the nenets chum
Visiting reindeer herders of Yamal
Muskoxen, Yamal
The animals of the Polar Urals
Animals of Yamal
Two muskoxen in tundra
The family of nenets reindeer herders, Yamal
In the hut of nenets reindeer herders, the local family
the nenets girl
The girl from the nenets family in the camp of reindeer herders of Yamal
Riding in the sled In the tundra
The nenets reindeer herder is riding in the sled in the Yamal tundra

* Transport all along the route
* Accomodation and meals in the hut in the family of reindeer breeders
* One night in the hotel in Salekhard after the trip
* Guide services and assistance in photography
* Registration of permits for entry to the border zone and national park

* Tickets to Salekhard and back
* Meals and excursions in Saleckhard
* Health insurance
* Alcoholic beverages

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