Morocco photo WORKSHOP
From the Atlantic to the Sahara
Morocco, photography expedition from the Atlantic to the Sahara
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Morocco photo workshop

From the Atlantic to the Sahara
Start: April 26, 2023, Casablanca, Morocco
End: May 3, 2023, Casablanca, Morocco

Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 2890€ (Deposit 1500€)
Early bird price: 2750€ (before June 1, 2022)
For single occupancy: 800€
We invite you to an exciting photo tour to Morocco "From the Atlantic to the Sahara" showcasing Morocco as a beautiful cocktail of cultures and natural landscapes, sand dunes and snowy peaks of the High Atlas, olive groves and ancient cities.
Chefchaouen blue town, Morocco photo workshop
We will spend two and a half days in the silky sand dunes of the Sahara. If you have never seen the stars in the desert, the Sahara is worth visiting just for this unforgettable view and a great opportunity to capture it away from the lights of the cities, but we will also see and photograph camels walking though the desert at sunrise and sunset, and the most adventurous ones will be able to ride them.

We will visit authentic Essaouira, where fishermen bring their catch from the Atlantic in the early morning, take photos of the old Portuguese fort and famous fishing boats in the harbor. Then we'll move on to Marrakesh with its busy bazaars, squares and mosques. We will pass through the mountains of the High Atlas, see snow-covered mountain peaks over 4,000 meters and beautiful blossoming valleys, and we will also visit the Berber fortress built of clay, and photograph it at dawn and sunset.
Chefchaouen at Night, Morocco photo tour
Chouara Tannery, Fez, Morocco
Night in Chefchaouen blue town, Morocco
Chouara Tannery, Fez, Morocco
The narrow streets and famous tanneries of Fes, attracting photographers from all around the world, will capture our imagination and allow us to see the life as if it stood still for centuries. Last but not least, you will take breathtaking photos of Chefchaouen well known for its sky-blue houses of all shades.
Caravan in the Sahara
During the tour we will experience life in Moroccan riads with their cool courtyards, enjoy wonderful oriental cuisine, excellent company and master classes followed by passionate discussions with fellow photographers.
Chefchouen blue city

The itinerary of the expedition

Day 1.
Casablanca - El Jadida.
We will meet at the Casablanca airport at 3 p.m. and go to the old Portuguese city of El Jadida, where we will take pictures of the famous cistern. Interesting perspective, mysterious light falling from a single hole in the roof, a forest of stone columns. This is a great place for cool shots.

Casablanca - El Jadida (106 km)
Day 2.
In the morning we will go to Essaouira, a beautiful romantic city on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, which has managed to preserve amazing Moroccan colors.

We will take pictures of blue fishing boats in the port, a fish market, gulls, an old fortress at sunrise and sunset.

El Jadida - Essaouira (276 km)
Day 3.
In the morning, after breakfast, we are leaving for Marrakesh, the cultural capital of Morocco.

On our way, we'll stop for lunch at the local farm. And then we will visit an argan oil factory. This oil is produced only in Essaouira neighborhood.

In Marrakesh, we will visit the famous streets of Medina, the Jemaa el Fna square, which is UNESCO protected, have dinner in a restaurant with traditional Moroccan cuisine, and then, at sunset we will take long exposure pictures of the market square.

Essaouira - Marrakesh (190 км)
Day 4.
Fortress of Ait-Ben-Haddou and the Atlas Mountains
In the morning, after the breakfast, we will wend our way for Ouarzazate through a beautiful pass in the Atlas Mountains.

We will have lunch and relax in the traditional mountain riad among the green flowering valleys and go further to Ouarzazate, where at sunset we will take pictures of the fortress of Ait-Ben-Haddou built of red-brown clay.

Marrakesh - Ait-Ben-Haddou (180 км)
Day 5.
Ouarzazate - Sahara
In the morning we will make a long journey to the Sahara.

Merzouga is a pearl of Morocco. Because of this place, this country is worth visiting.

On our way, we will drive into interesting picturesque places, the Todra gorge, serpentines in the Atlas Mountains.

Ait-Ben-Haddou - Merzouga (400 км)
Day 6.
Merzouga, sands of the Sahara
We will make a stop at the very edge of the dunes in a cozy lodge.

In the morning and in the evening we will take photos of the Sahara, camel caravans with drivers in national clothes.

At night we will take pictures of the infinite starry sky, the only one on Earth.
Day 7.
Fes, tanneries
In the morning we will move to the city of Fes.

People say that the medina of Fes is the most authentic place in the East. It has retained its medieval mode of living, the civilization failed to penetrate here.

At sunset, we will take panorama pictures of Fes.

In this city, we will stay in one of the best riads of Morocco.

Merzouga - Fes (470 km)
Day 8.
Fes - Chefchaouen
In the morning we will visit the colorful tanneries of the Chouara, where locals make famous leather goods.

Then we will visit the most romantic and beautiful city of Morocco, Chefchaouen. Its blue houses are like an icon of Morocco.

Fes - Chefchaouen (212 km)
Day 9.
Chefchaouen - Casablanca
In the morning, one more time, we will take photos of the beautiful Chefchaouen at dawn, and we will head for Casablanca.

This is where our journey will end. Approximately at 9 p.m. we will be at the airport where you can leave home or stay some more days in beautiful Morocco.

Chefchaouen - Casablanca (370 km)
Essaouira, Morocco photo tour 2023

* Transportation and transfers along the route
* Breakfasts
* 4-5* level hotels
* Excursions and guide services
* Photo consultation


* Tickets to Casablanca and back
* Medical insurance
* Food
* Alcoholic drinks
* Tips for bus driver

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