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Start: 23 September, 2020, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
End: 29 September, 2020, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 3200 € (deposit 1200 €)
Early bird price before 01.04.2020: 2950
Single occupancy: 400 € (except accommodation in a camp)

This fantastic photo tour will be held in Western Mongolia in the Altai mountains, at the junction of the borders of Mongolia, Russia, and China. We will have a fascinating journey to 250 years back in the past.

Local nomads are the only ones on earth who have preserved the way of living and traditions of their ancestors, who lived in close unity with golden eagles among the majestic landscapes of Western Mongolia.
Egale hunter Mongolia
Together with these amazing people, we will participate in the festival organized specifically for us, and make unforgettable pictures.

Our photo tour will be held in the beautiful mountains of the Altai Tavn Bogd National Park. We will see snow-capped peaks, transparent lakes, rapid mountain rivers and take pictures of amazing people living in these places.
Egale hunter Mongolia
Berkutchi, Mongolia


Day 1 (September 23).

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, meeting the local guide at the airport. We are going to stay in one of the best hotels in the heart of the city.
Day 2 (September 24).

This day, we fly by local airlines to the capital of the Mongolian Altai - the city of Ulgii.

Immediately after the flight, we are going to the village of Tolbo, where we will visit several different families of golden eagle hunters, and have a photo session with them. We will take photos against the background of beautiful landscapes overlooking the snowy mountains.

Especially for our group, there will be organized a camp and set up a yurta. We will have our own chef who will cook dishes of Western and national Mongolian cuisine.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner included)
Day 3 (September 25).

One more day in the vicinity of Tolbo lake. At our disposal, there will be three mounted hunters. We will be taking photos in beautiful locations at dawn and sunset. We will spend the night in the national Mongolian yurt.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner included)
Day 4 (September 26).

On this day, the locals will arrange a small festival of eagle hunting for us. 10 hunters and several beaters will demonstrate their skills, and we will take photos of hunting. After the end of the festival, we are moving to Ulgii and staying in a hotel.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner included)
Day 5 (September 27).

This day we are going to the village of Sagsai, where we will be taking pictures of locals against the beautiful landscapes with rivers and mountains. We will also organize portrait shots inside their homes.

For the night, we are coming back to our hotel in Ulgii.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner included)
Day 6 (September 28).

We are heading to the village of Altantsugs. Here we will visit two families of hunters and take their portraits against the background of the nearby mountains. We will have interesting landscapes and angles for shooting. Late in the evening, we are coming back to the hotel.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner included)
Day 7 (September 29).

Depending on the flight time, we will have a morning session and then a flight to Ulaanbaatar. We are staying in a hotel in the city center.

The next day you can fly home.

(Breakfast included).

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* Accommodations
* Meals indicated in the program
* Domestic flights
* Photo consultation

* Tickets to Mongolia and back
* Medical insurance
* Food in Ulaanbaatar
* Alcoholic beverages
* Tips
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