Photography expedition

Manpupuneur Plateau

The unique oversnow expedition to the Northern Urals
Плато Маньпупунёр, фототур
The Manpupuneur Plateau
Manpupuneur Plateau
The unique oversnow expedition to the Northern Urals
Start: March 7th, 2020, Ekaterinburg, Russia
March 15th, 2020, Ekaterinburg, Russia

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Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 3950
Group: 6 - 8 people.
The unique oversnow expedition to the Northern Urals
Photo tour to Manpupuner is a great opportunity to visit the incredibly beautiful hard-to-reach places and make great photos.

The long-distance trip on snowmobiles as is, that passes through untouched taiga, frozen riverbeds, and mountain saddles will be an adventure with a capital "A", that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We will visit an unusual place in the heart of the Northern Urals, in the middle of endless forests and snow, on a unique and extremely inaccessible plateau, included in the list of seven wonders of Russia.

Once, many tens of millions of years ago there were mountains. But over time, soft rocks were destroyed by nature, and now we can see huge basalt pillars that remind the stone giants.

The Mansis inhabiting this region deified these pillars, and the whole place was considered sacred.
Photography expedition to the Nothern Urals
We will stay not far from the plateau in a real taiga house far from civilization, with no settlements for hundreds of miles. We will have the opportunity to take pictures of this unique place, feel the pristine nature of the Northern Urals, completely untouched by civilization, and make great photos to be proud of.
Manpupuneur, rock formations, photography expedition
Photography expedition, rock formations
Unique Manpupuneur plateau
Rock formations
This photo expedition is designed for people with good physical condition. Although all nights we are planning to stay in warm houses, you need to understand that during the day we will have to stay outdoors in the winter taiga in the absence of the benefits of civilization.

The program of the photography expedition

Day 1. (March 7th)
We meet at 8 am at the Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg, from where we go by cars to the village of Vizhay on the bank of the Lozva river (about 600 km). We will stay at night in a cozy guest house and relax after a long trip. You can visit the Russian bath if you wish.

Days 2-3. (March 8th -9th)
In the Morning we are taking the prepared snowmobiles and are going to Pechero-Ilychskiy state nature reserve. Each member of the expedition will have a separate snowmobile.

The road goes through the beautiful untouched Ural taiga. There should be no more severe frosts, but the snow-covered trees will still look as beautiful as in winter.

On our way, we will spend the night in a warm taiga house. Here you can warm up, charge the batteries, and have a good sleep. This is considered to be a luxury class for taiga.
By the evening of the third day at sunset, we are planning to get to the plateau of Manpupuner.

Days 4-6. (March 10th - 12th)
These days we will drive and take photos of the famous weathering pillars. We will have a great opportunity to make incredible pictures of one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Russia in different weather conditions.

We are going to stay in a warm taiga house and sleep in our own sleeping bags.

If you have a drone, you can take it with you. In case of good weather, we will make great shots from the air. If you wish, you can get advice and assistance on how to control the quadcopter.

Days 7-9. (March 13th - 15th)
In the Morning of the 7th day, we are going to travel by snowmobile in the opposite direction.

In the evening of March, 15 we are planning to be in Yekaterinburg. Here our photo expedition ends. The next day you can plan a flight home.


* Accommodation in the log houses;
* Transportation from Ekaterinburg to Vizhay and back;
* Snowmobile rentals and fuel;
* Local guides service;
* Meal during the snowmobile part of expedition.
* Photo guide services

* Air tickets to Ekaterinburg and back;
* Insurance (must have);
* Visa (if needed);
* Meals in Ekaterinburg and Vizhay, alcohol.
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