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Nature of Persia
Iran Photo Workshop

Iran Photo Tour

Nature of Persia
Start: November 28, 2024, Tehran, Iran
December 5, 2024, Tehran, Iran

3-days add-on
Qeshm Island
: December 6 - 8, 2024
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: $2890 (deposit $1500)
Single occupancy: $500

Price Qeshm Island: $800
Single occupancy: $250
Iran is a very diverse and beautiful country. We will see endless deserts including the hottest place on Earth, and rainbow mountains with astonishing colors and shades. We will visit amazingly well preserved cultural monuments of ancient Persia that still remember the army of Alexander the Great, and walk though picturesque canyons with such unbelievable views that ancient people believed they appeared in the result of the stars falling to the Earth. Visit to Iranian cities with their arch bridges and authentic mosques will leave us speechless.

Iran is a country worth seeing, and once you come here, you will definitely want to come back here again. For this reason, I am inviting you to join me in a memorable photography workshop to Iran.
Карта фототура по Ирану
Highlights of our photography workshop to Iran:

Desht-e Lut desert with its amazing salt marshes and numerous various rock formations;
Walk in the rainbow mountains that magically change their colors and forms;
Visit to a castle formed by nature;
See the first sunlight in the beautiful Pink Mosque of Shiraz;
Feel the power of nature in magnificent Star Valley and Statue Valley of the Qeshm Island;
Persepolis – the ancient capital of Persia – part of the UNESCO world heritage;
Walk down the ancient streets of authentic cities of Shiraz and Isfahan and peek into their lively and noisy markets.

Our tour will be dedicated to photography, and we will meet sunrises and sunsets in the best locations of unbelievable Iranian landscapes and ancient Iranian cities. Iran is a very safe country with hospitable and kind people, comfortable hotels and tasty food.
Горы на закате в Иране


Day 1 (November 28)

On this day we will arrive at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) in Tehran and stay at a 5 star hotel next to the airport, which can be accessed via a pedestrian bridge. Rest after our flight, and in the evening we will all have dinner together at the hotel restaurant.
Day 2 (November 29)

In the morning, we will take a local flight to the south of Iran to the city of Kerman, from where we will depart in a comfortable minibus to the beautiful Dashte-Lut desert with its magnificent Martian landscapes. In summer, the temperature in the desert can reach 70 degrees Celsius, but during our trip, at the end of autumn, the weather here should be excellent. Unusual rocks of bizarre shapes will take us to a completely different world, where you feel like on another planet. Here we will see stunning landscapes and take beautiful pictures.

After the flight we will take a comfortable minibus to the beautiful Dashte-Lut desert. (about 2 hours drive). We will stay overnight on the edge of the desert in a charming eco-lodge.
Day 3 (November 30)

At sunrise we'll once again admire the rock formations against the Martian landscape, then hop into the off-roaders and delve further into the desert, into a world of silence and sand dunes. Here we will have the opportunity to capture the boundless sand dunes and feel all the power, beauty and charm of the real desert. Civilization has not reached here yet, and we will spend this night in a tent camp alone with the sands and starry sky.
Day 4 (December 1)

In the morning, we will once again admire sand patterns and dunes, and then we will take a very beautiful road back to Kerman. On the way, we will make a stop to take photos of the ruins of an old fortress, see beautiful gorges and waterfalls.

Overnight stay at a traditional hotel in Kerman.
Day 5 (December 2)

On this day we have planned a fairly long move to the wonderful ancient city of Shiraz with its bazaars and mosques. This city combines Eastern charm and unique Persian architecture. We will have dinner in an excellent steak restaurant where they make excellent steaks.

The drive will take more than 7 hours.
Day 6 (December 3)

In the morning, we will shoot at the main pearl of Shiraz - the Pink Mosque with its amazing stained glass windows. At sunrise, sun rays penetrate through the multicolored mosaic of windows and form magnificent patterns on the floor and walls. Then we will visit the famous Vakil Bazaar with its carpets and colorful characters, visit the mosque with numerous spiral columns.

After a walk around Shiraz we will continue our journey to the ancient capital of Persia - the magnificent Persepolis and Pasargadae, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here we will visit the tomb of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Persian Empire, and touch the ancient history of Iran.

In the evening we will arrive at the airport and return to Tehran.
Day 7 (December 4)

On this day, right after breakfast, we are heading to one of the most beautiful and photogenic places in Iran - the Rainbow Mountains. At sunset, we are planning to shoot the amazing rainbow-colored mountains. It seems that such a variety of colors cannot exist in nature.

The journey takes more than 4 hours, and we will stay overnight at a nice hotel in the town of Zandjan. Dinner at the best local restaurant.
Day 8 (December 5)

Today we will spend the whole day in the rainbow mountains of Aladaglar. We will take amazing landscapes at sunrise and sunset, and in the evening we will return to Tehran (4 hour drive).

The next day we can fly home or extend the trip for another three days, going to the island of Qeshm in the Ormuz Strait. Overnight in a 5* hotel near the airport.
Qeshm Island
Days 9 - 11 (December 6 - 8)

We will spend 2 nights on the island of Qeshm. There is plenty to see here. It has beautiful canyons, mangrove forests, and the Monuments Valley with its stone formations. it is a famous Iranian resort, also known as the area of free trade.

On the first day, evening shooting will be in the Star Valley, then we will walk around the capital of the island, look at the Persian Gulf, and look into an old Portuguese castle.

The next day we will go to the mangrove forest, ride boats, go to the valley of the Statues for sunset.

On the third day we will shoot in one of the valleys, have lunch and fly to Tehran in the evening, where we will spend the night in a 5 star hotel near the airport, and the next day you can fly home.

* breakfasts and meals in the desert
* accommodation in double or twin suites
* transfers and excursions
* local flights
* guide services, photography consultations

* International air fares
* insurance
* meals not in the programm