Armenia Photo Tour

In the shade of Mount Ararat
Photo tour to Armenia
Armenia photo workshop
Start: October 8, 2024, Yerevan, Armenia
October 15, 2024, Yerevan, Armenia

Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 2440 USD (deposit 1000 USD)
Single occupancy: 500 USD
Armenia is an amazing country known not only for its rich history and culture, but also for its truly stunning nature. It is famous for its mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers, so beautiful they just take your breath away. Armenia has it all - from snow-capped peaks and green meadows to desert plains and dense forests.

In our photo tour we will photograph ancient fortresses and monasteries located in picturesque gorges and on mountain tops. The famous Khor Virap against the peaks of Ararat near the border with Turkey, the airy Tatev, the ruins of Zvartnots, Sevanavank on the shore of the largest lake in the Caucasus with amazing blue water.

We will drive through beautiful passes guarded by ancient fortresses, admire the ancient temples of the Noravank Monastery, we will try wonderful Armenian cuisine, taste trout from clear mountain rivers, and Areni wines.

We will photograph views of Yerevan at night with its beautiful squares and fountains, visit the ancient observatory and, perhaps, in one of the photos, we would even be able to see Noah's Ark, resting on the snow-covered slope of Ararat for thousands of years.
at the slopes of Ararat mountain
at the Ararat mountain, Armenia


Day 1 (October 8)

On this day we fly to Yerevan and meet up at a beautiful hotel in the very center of the city. Let's take a break from the flight and go to dinner at an authentic, colorful restaurant with national cuisine.

In the evening we will photograph "Cascade", one of the most beautiful squares in Yerevan, with a staircase and an observation deck. Here you can see the wonderful works of Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero. We will walk through a city inspired of centuries-old culture and art, and we will feel the flavor of its gardens and fountains.
Day 2 (October 9)

We will spend this day in Yerevan, getting to know the city and its iconic places. We'll go on an excursion to the famous Ararat cognac factory, and taste the best Armenian cognacs.

In the afternoon we will go to Etchmiadzin - the spiritual and administrative center of the Armenian Apostolic Church, where a piece of Noah's Ark is kept (we will still have the opportunity to see and photograph it on the slopes of Ararat), as well as a piece of the Spear of the Covenant.

We will photograph the ruins of the ancient Christian temple Zvarnots overlooking Mount Ararat at sunset.
Day 3 (October 10)

The third day of our trip promises to be very eventful. At dawn we leave for perhaps the most famous and photographed place in Armenia - Khor Virap. From the vineyards we can see a magnificent view of the ancient monastery against the backdrop of the snow-capped peaks of Ararat, which are especially good to photograph in the rays of the rising sun.

And then we will go to the south of Armenia to the town of Tatev, where another magnificent monastery is located on the edge of a picturesque gorge.

For the next two nights we will stay at a hotel with stunning views of the gorge.
Day 4 (October 11)

Today the morning shooting will take place at the Tatev Monastery of the 9th century, which for many centuries was the local spiritual and financial center. Today, you can get to the monastery via the longest pendulum cable car in the world, which is 6 km long, or you can drive along a serpantine road along a picturesque gorge. The views are definitely worth it.
After breakfast, we will relax a bit and go to a magnificent observation deck, where there are almost no tourists, above the village of Old Khot which history goes back more than 1000 years. More recently, people still lived here, but now it is a ghost village. In addition, we will see several breathtaking serpentine roads. It's very good to shoot with a drone here. We will also indulge ourselves with a nice picnic, taking in the view.

Then, we move to Khndzoresk - a cave city, located in the middle of a gorge among picturesque rocks and stone mushrooms. We'll take a 444 step staircase and a suspension bridge across the gorge, but the views will make up for the challenge.
Day 5 (October 12)

At dawn we go to the ancient observatory of Zorats Karer, located on a plateau at an altitude of 1770 meters above sea level. Some scientists believe that this monument dates back to the 5th millennium BC. Zorats Karer is often compared to the famous Stonehenge, but its Armenian brother may be much older, although no one knows for sure its true purpose.

For lunch we will go to the town of Jermuk, where among the shady gardens we will taste local mineral water from mountain springs.
Nowadays this old balneological resort is a very nice, picturesque town with a magical climate and wonderful mineral springs.

Sunset photography will be in one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. This is the 13th century Noravank monastery complex situated in a beautiful gorge among red rocks.

We will stay overnight in Areni. This is a famous wine-producing region of Armenia. Today it is experiencing a real renaissance, and local wines are quite nice. We will have a wonderful dinner at a good restaurant.
Day 6 (October 13)

At dawn we will visit Noravank again to photograph it in different light conditions. This monastery definitely deserves to be visited twice. We will also see an ancient bridge being a part of the Silk Road.
And then we go to the wonderful town of Dilijan. On the way we will pass through the picturesque Vardenyatsky Pass and take pictures at the ancient Noratus cemetery near the lake Sevan.
Sunset photography will take place at the Haghartsin Monastery, hidden in the mountains; this is a very photogenic place.
The monastery is especially beautiful in autumn and foggy sunrises.
Day 7 (October 14)

At dawn we go to photograph the Sevanavank monastery, located on a small peninsula in the middle of Lake Sevan. This is another symbol of Armenia included in the UNESCO list.
In the afternoon we will visit the rock monastery complex of Geghard - a monument of early medieval Armenian architecture.

After this, we will photograph an ancient temple built in the 1st century by King Trdat I, and this is the only pagan temple preserved in this region.
At sunset we will go to shoot the "Symphony of Stones" - an amazing rock formation consisting of hexagonal basalt crystals.

We will return to Yerevan for the night.
Day 8 (October 15)

This morning we will either visit the Khor Virap again for a sunrise photoshoot, or if we are lucky enough on the third day of our trip to get the best sunrise possible, just sleep in.

After breakfast our tour ends.

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