Photography expedition

South Georgia Photo Expedition

Spring in Antarctic 2023
Фото-экспедиция на Шпицберген, апрель 2020
South Georgia Photo Expedition
Spring in Antarctic, 2023
Start: October 14, 2023, Port Stanley Falkland Islands
End: October 28, 2023, Port Stanley Falkland Islands

Dmitry Arkhipov,
Mike Reyfman,
Marco Grassi
Svein Wik

More professional photo guides could be invited to participate in the expedition.*

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Penguins in Antarctica
South Georgia Photo Workshop
South Georgia is one of the places on Earth where superlatives are born. The Pinnacle, the Culmination of Creation.
A distant, isolated world, living by its own laws and rules. You won't find anything like that anywhere else. South Georgia is the best place on Earth for wildlife photographers. Landscape lovers also won't have problems composing the frame. A group of penguins or elephant seals will give a scale to the powerful background of snow-capped peaks and glaciers.
The archipelago is the home to hundreds of thousands of king penguins, which makes South Georgia the best location to photograph penguins. We'll bear witness to the daily lives of those incredibly interesting creatures, who, unexpectedly, are very similar to humans. We'll visit South Georgia at a time when the snow still on the ground and thousands of king penguins peacefully wobble along the shore — the sight of teeming bird colonies against the backdrop of sharp mountain peaks is truly breathtaking.
Pinguins, photo tour to South Georgia
It is also the time when growing chicks gather in huge crèches. When the chick is old enough, King Penguins put it in one of the crèches, returning every several days with food. Both parents will leave at the same time. All the chicks in the rookery will stay together until their parents return. When the parents come home they recognize each other by the sound of their voices. Despite the thousands of youngsters crowded together, the parents are incredibly able to locate their youngsters by detecting their individual calls. The sight of a very serious adult penguin walking among very serious chicks is provides incredible photographic opportunities
Antarctic pinguins photo
Besides king penguins, South Georgia has colonies of very photogenic macaroni and gentoo penguins. The island also harbors large pipits, pintails, several species of albatrosses, such as black-browed, gray-headed, and wandering albatrosses, southern giant petrels, brown skuas, and Antarctic terns.
Wandering albatrosses are incredible birds and the opportunity to see them and other albatross species is making South Georgia worth a visit. The largest bird species on earth, whose wingspan can reach up to 3.5 meters (11.5 ft) wandering albatross can cover nearly 1000 km (621 miles) in a single day even flying against the wind. Photographing these magnificent birds in flight is a rare and exciting opportunity. In October, the aggressive Antarctic fur seals still mostly hunting in the sea, and we'll have easier access to the nesting sites of various albatross species, and the magnificent Prion Island - the breeding place of the wandering albatrosses will be open for visitors.
Penguins, South Georgia, Photography workshop
Pinguins in Antarctica
The southern elephant seals are the largest species of seals on the planet and a highlight among South Georgia wildlife. October is the mating season for elephant seals when huge alfa males define and defend territories. They collect a harem of 40 to 50 females, which are much smaller than their enormous mates. Males battle each other for mating dominance. Some encounters end with roaring and aggressive posturing, but many others turn into violent battles. Southern elephants are the largest of all seals. Males can be over 20 feet long and weigh up to 8,800 pounds.
You can only imagine what photographic potential brings the fight of such giants. Females give birth to a single pup and nurse it for approximately a month. Touching scenes of baby elephant seals and their attentive moms - one of the highlights of the South Georgia coastline in October. They are great fun to observe and photograph. After giving birth the mother will then move around to face her baby, vocalize with it (they bond vocally) and defend it from birds.
Iceberg, photo expedition
Each newborn weighs around 80 pounds — but not for long. The pups get right to work drinking their mothers' milk. The milk is super-rich and full of fat. In less than a month, a pup can balloon to 250-300 pounds, putting on a bulky layer of blubber by the time they are weaned. Weaners are always happy to see something new and not scared of humans. They always ready to pose for the portrait.
Why is it worth going with us?
  • Photo expedition
    This is not a typical cruise trip, but a photo expedition that's led by the best tour guides and masters of nature photography. Our tour has been carefully designed for and by wildlife photographers.
  • Ship
    Specifically for the expedition, we've chartered a magnificent high-class cruise ship. Thanks to its high cruising speed, we'll be able to get to the archipelago faster and spend more time on location.
  • Price
    For such a photo exhibition and a level of service, we have a great price.
Mountains of south Georgia
October 13 - 28, 2023
October 13
October 13
Arrival to Santiago
Today we'll meet in Santiago de Chile. Due to tomorrow's early morning flight to the Falklands, we advise participants to fly to Santiago a day earlier and spend the night at the Holiday Inn hotel located in the airport terminal.
October 14
October 14
Start of the photo expedition
Early in the morning, we'll board a LATAM flight to the Falkland Islands. After a short landing in Punta Arenas in Patagonia, we'll continue our flight to RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falklands. Upon arrival, we'll take a comfortable bus to Port Stanley where our ship will be waiting.
October 15 - 16
October 15 - 16
Crossing to South Georgia
M/V Sea Spirit
Although we far from the land, we'll witness incredible wildlife from the ship decks. A huge variety of birds, including several species of albatrosses such as black-browed, gray-headed, and wandering albatrosses, southern giant petrels, cape petrels makes photography from decks very entertaining.

During our sailing days, we'll have lectures about South Georgia and its inhabitants. Photography guides will share their secrets and show Antarctic portfolios. We can enjoy a glass of wine in a cozy bar, restaurant, or lounge. Contemporary, international cuisine created by our talented chefs is beyond praise.
October 17 - 25
October 17 - 25
Exploring South Georgia
M/V Sea Spirit
We are visiting some of the best areas for wildlife and landscape photography, such as Salisbury Plains, St. Andrews Bay, Gold Harbour, Cooper Bay, Drygalski fjord and other great places. Nine days on the islands of South Georgia will allow us to see and photograph most of its interesting inhabitants and landscapes. Nine days on South Georgia will allow us to see and photograph most of its interesting inhabitants and landscapes.
October 26 - 27
October 26 - 27
Crossing to Falklands
M/V Sea Spirit
During our return to the Falklands, we'll share our impressions, discuss the footage and spend time in the pleasant company on our comfortable ship! Albatrosses are still circling around the ship prompting us outside.
October 28
October 28
Back on Earth
After disembarkation at Port Stanley, transfer to the airport and flight to Santiago. Due to the schedule of international flights, most travelers will spend the night in Santiago.
Горы на Шпицбергене, фото-экспедиция
South Georgia landscape
Горы на Шпицбергене, фото-экспедиция
The map of the expedition to South Georgia
Горы на Шпицбергене, фото-экспедиция
South Georgia
Горы на Шпицбергене, фото-экспедиция
South Georgia
For our expedition, we chartered an extra-class vessel Sea Spirit. A properly selected expedition vessel is the key to a truly unforgettable journey in the Antarctic. It must have two main qualities - good cruising speed and the "correct" size. We managed to find this "golden middle" in M/V Sea Spirit. The vessel has a high cruising speed, which will allow us to get to the South Georgia Archipelago faster and spend more time there. Sea Spirit possesses everything necessary for safe and comfortable sailing in the stormy waters of the South Atlantic.

The vessel has an ice-strengthened hull, a fleet of Zodiacs, and a set of retractable fin stabilizers for smoother sailing while maintaining the maneuverability and special atmosphere of small vessels. A maximum of 100 participants will be welcomed aboard Sea Spirit for our expedition cruise to South Georgia. Unlike large cruise ships, aboard Sea Spirit will not feel like you are in a big city with a bunch of strangers. You will be a member of a close-knit group of like-minded people with the main goal of exploring the wonderful world of South Georgia to the fullest and bringing home fantastic photos and videos.
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