From the Atlantics to the sahara

Morocco photo expedition

Start: April 6, 2018, Casablanca, Morocco
End: April 16, 2018, Casablanca, Morocco
We invite you to the 10-day photo expedition on Morocco "From the Atlantic to the Sahara". We will spend two-and-a-half days in the mysterious sands of the Sahara. We will shoot one of the largest dunes in the world and capture an unimaginably starry sky - away from the light of the modern cities. Have you ever seen a star in the desert? This spectacle alone makes the Sahara experience worth it.

We will visit the photogenic Esseuira on the Atlantic coast, where fishermen bring their catch early in the mist of the dawn. We will shoot an ancient Portuguese fort, as well as the famous blue fishing boats in the harbor. In Marrakech we will experience the bazaars, the square of Djemaa el Fna and Medina, intricate palaces and mosques, and we will shoot in the narrow winding streets of this distinctive city.

We will pass through the mountains of the High Atlas, and we will take in the towering snow-capped mountain peaks, with heights above 4000 meters. We will shoot in its flowering valleys, while the mountains magically rise behind us.

We will also visit the Berber fortress-ksar Ait-Ben-Haddou, made of clay, and shoot it at sunrise and sunset to provide the best lighting for the best photographs.

We will see the ancient walls of Meknes, and, of course, the famous painters of Fez, attracting photographers worldwide.

And there will also be Moroccan riads with their cool courtyards, wonderful Oriental cuisine, excellent company, and master classes where we discuss the photographs we were able to capture.

Morocco is an amazing country with its contrasts, it perfectly combined untouched nature and ancient architecture, and its original traditions of ancient tribes and the magnificent craftsmanship of local artisans.

On one hand; Morocco is washed by the waters of the majestic Atlantic Ocean, and on the other, the boundless sands of Sahara begin. Between the ocean and the desert, the Atlas Mountains rise, and sheep herds graze in picturesque green valleys.

Additionally, Morocco is well known for its plethora of wonderful souvenirs.
Morocco Photography expedition. Essaouira fortress
Morocco photo tour. From the Atlantics to the Sahara
  • Day 1. (April 6)
    Casablanca. Hassan II Mosque.

    Arrival in Casablanca. Flight from Moscow at 14.20. Check-in hotel. In the evening at sunset, we photograph the mosque Hassan II, experience the crisp air of the ocean, saunter through the old part of the city, and enjoy our dinner in an upscale restaurant.

  • Day 2. (April 7)

    Dawn shooting of the city, departure to Essaouira.
    Casablanca - El Jadida (106 km)

    On the way - we stop to photograph the famous cisterns of El Jadida.
    Moving El Jadida-Essaueira along the way along the ocean (273 km).
    Check-in at the hotel in Essaouira. In the evening we are able to admire and photograph the harbor and famous fishing boats.
    This beautiful city managed to preserve the amazing Moroccan flavor.

  • Day 3. (April 8)

    At dawn we will shoot fishermen, with their traditions going back hundreds of years ago to bringing fresh catch to the port. Also, we will shoot an old Portuguese fort, and a medina.

    After breakfast, we leave for Marrakech, the cultural capital of Morocco. (185 km).
    Here we will visit the famous streets of Medina, visit the Jemaa al-Fna square, which is listed in UNESCO. We will enjoy our lunch in a restaurant with traditional Moroccan cuisine, and relax in the gardens of Menara.

    At sunset we will shoot the pearl of the city - the palace of Bahia, the mosque Kutubiya, the palace of El-Badi, and at night it will be possible to shoot the market square for an extended amount of time.

  • Day 4. (April 9)
    Fortress of Ait Ben Haddou and Atlas Mountains

    In the morning, after shooting and breakfast, we leave for Ouarzazate through a beautiful pass in the Atlas Mountains. (65 km). We take our lunch and rest in the traditional mountain riad among the green flowering valleys and go further to Ouarzazate (136 km), where at sunset we will shoot the fortress of Eint-Ben-Haddou.

  • Day 5. (April 10)
    Ouarzazate. Kasba Taurirt and the Todra Gorge.

    In the morning, we are off to the fortress of Ait-Ben Haddou, then visit the Taurirt kasbah – the well-known fortified clay city of the XVIII century, and at sunset we take in the picturesque gorge of Todra.

    If you wish, you can also – on your own time - visit the Atlas film studio, where many famous films were shot.

  • Day 6 (April 11)
    Ouarzazate - Sahara

    After breakfast and shooting in the Todra gorge, we are off to the Sahara, to Merzougou (369 km), where a cozy lodge with a relaxing pool awaits us. In the evening/night hours, we head to the desert for shooting.

  • Day 7 (April 12)
    Merzouga, Sahara. Dunes.

    In the morning at dawn we will shoot the huge magnificent dunes the Sahara is known for. The local dunes have an incredible shape. These are some of the highest sand dunes in the Sahara, and very photogenic.
    We will also visit the oases and the Berber village.

    In the afternoon, you can relax by the pool before sunset shooting, or ride a camel – a once in a lifetime opportunity!

  • Day 8 (April 13)

    After the dawn shooting on the dunes; we will go to Ifran, a resort town in the Atlas Mountains (396 km). Here we are awaited by rest, fresh mountain air, and walks to reflect on the trip and the work done so far.

    At sunset - we will shoot the majestic mountains that have been a theme throughout the trip.

  • Day 9 (April 14)

    In the morning we leave for Fez (65 km). Here we are waiting for the famous dyeing, one of the main attractions of northern Morocco. We enjoy the bustling, energetic souvenir markets, as well as the shopping. At sunset - we remove the dye and return to the comforts of our hotel.

  • Day 10 (April 15)
    Meknes and Casablanca

    In the morning we leave for Casablanca (294 km) - through the ancient city of Meknes with a majestic and beautiful ancient fortress.

    In Casablanca, we cap the entire trip off with a delicious traditional farewell dinner, after which we leave for the airport.

Sahara. Morocco
Sahara. Morocco
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The cost of the tour includes:

* Transport all along the route
* Hotels 4*-5*
* Breakfasts
* Guide services
* Assistance in photography
The tour price does not include:

* Tickets to Casablanca and back
* Health insurance
* Meals except breakfasts
* Alcoholic beverages

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