Mont Saint-Michel, arcs of Etretat, wines and oysters.

"Emerald Coast" of Normandy and Bretagne.

Start: August 10, 2018, Paris, France
End: August 17, 2018, Paris, France
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 2450 €* (deposit 1500 €, for single rooms: +750 €)

*Based on double occupancy
On this tour we will see the famous arch of Etretat, stroll along the shifting sads of the English Channel, and have multiple photo shoots at the stunning Mont-Saint-Michel.

Our photo tour will be held on days that have maximum tides, so that we are able to walk along the seabed while admiring some the world's highest tides.
During our visit to the oyster capital of the world, Cancale, we will be able to sit on the famous promenade and enjoy all it has to offer. Situated right near the oyster market, we will be able to enjoy fresh oysters, toss our shells back in to the ocean, and sip on fine white wines.

The market also offers an incredible sampling of all types of seafood, and you are able to taste not only oysters, but also crab, lobster, mussels, shrimp, and a variety of other shellfish.

For those who appreciate a drink as much as they love food, on this tour we will be tasting the best Calavados; a flavorful apple brandy.
Built at the beginning of the last century, we will visit the medieval cities of Norman and Breton which have been carefully preserved. We will also make a trip to the famous Benedictine Palace which houses one of a kind artwork, as well as the distillery that produces the famous Benedictine liquor.
This photo tour will be held during the ideal season, ensuring wonderfully warm weather and allowing for conditions that are most favorable for photography.
The program of the tour
Day 1. (August 10)

The photo tour program will begin at the meeting location at Charles d Gaulle Airport in Paris at 2:00Pm local time. From there we will drive to the town of Etretat along the coast of the English Channel, where a delicious seafood dinner will await us.

Sunrise and sunset in Etretat
Day 2. (August 11)

We will stay for 3 nights in a beautiful hotel which offers a stunning terrace that overlooks the sea and the city.

In the morning we will head in to Etretat to spend some time photographing the rocks and arches tat abound.
In the afternoon, after breakfast, we will go to the ancient seaside town of Fekan which offers a rich history to explore. Fekan is the city that is famous for the BenedectineLiqour, and we will visit the Benedictine Palace where it is produced. Here will have the opportunity to sample their liquer while also taking in the art and antiquity of this incredible building.

In the evening, when tides can reach their highest and lowest points, we will head back to Etretat and have a photography session at the arches, giving us the chance to capture the sunset. These morning and sunset photography shootings of the alabaster arches will be an ideal time to capture unique and beautiful images.
Day 3. (August 12)

The following afternoon we will walk around the city, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the sights. It is during this time we will be able to discuss and review any footage you have captured.

If you are interested, you will be able to go on an excursion to a nearby farm which produces both cheese and ciders.

At 4 o'clock in the evening there will be a low tide, so we will take this opportunity to walk along the seabed. As this offers us a new angle, it will be possible to take some unusual and rare photographs that capture the arches with the seabed in the foreground.
Day 4. (August 13)
Etretat - Mont-Saint-Michel. Honfleur

After the morning photo session, we will head off to Honfleur which takes us over one of the world's most beautiful bridges. Crossing over the mouth of the Seine Pont de Normanide, you will have a breathtaking view that is sure to amaze.
Honfleur is a picturesque Norman town at the confluence of the River Seine in the English Channel. It is here that we will try their famous mussels in Roquefort sauced, and sip white wine on the shore of a picturesque marina.

As we travel further through the Norman villages we will head to Mont-Saint-Michel. It is here that we will stay in a hotel situated next to the historic abbey.

On this rare day you will be able to see a unique spectacle so be sure to have your cameras ready. At sunset the abbey will transform in to an island, completely cut off from the mainland; happening immediately after sunset at 21:44 when the tide is at it's absolute highest.
Day 5. (August 14)

In the morning we will go to shoot Mont-Saint-Michel. Those who wish can stroll along the famous quicksand of the English Channel, or wade through the flooded meadows of Cuenon. At 17:11 the tide is expected to be quite low, offering the chance to take rare photographs of the castle, while also capturing the grazing sheep that surround it.

By the afternoon we will begin our tour of the nearby abbey, and then in the evening we will finish up with some sunset shooting.

Tide chart
Day 6. (August 15)
Mont-Saint-Michel. Cancale

The next day we will rise and have a morning shoot before heading out along the Emerald Coast of France to Cancale. As Cancale is the oyster capital of the world, we will stop to enjoy lunch here where will be treated to the freshest and best Breton seafood.

If there is time after lunch, we'll go to the Breton city of Saint-Malo where we can visit an old stone fort and take some additional photographs.
Day 7. (August 16)
Mont-Saint-Michel - Paris

For our final morning on the tour we will begin with a photography session, and then it's farewell to Mont-Saint-Michel as we depart for Paris. Along the way back we may have time to briefly stop and visit Rouen which is home to a famous Gothic cathedral.

We will arrive back at the hotel near the airport of Charles de Gaulle in the evening, and this will conclude the tour. The next morning will be our scheduled flight home.
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+ Transportation
+ Excursions
+ Photography Guide Services, Advice and Assistance

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x Tickets to / from Paris
x Meals
x Medical Insurance

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