Photography expedition


Фото-экспедиция на Шпицберген, апрель 2020
Start: December 8, 2023, Ushuaia
End: December 21, 2023, Ushuaia

Dmitry Arkhipov,
Mike Reyfman,
Joshua Holko

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The expedition fee is per person based upon cabin selection:

* Main Triple, shared facilities USD $12,990
* Main Twin, shared facilities USD $14,790
* Upper/Captain's Twin, private facilities USD $15,990
* Captain's Mini Suite, private facilities USD $17,990
* Captain's Full Suite, private facilities USD $19,990

Penguins in Antarctica
Antarctica Photo Workshop
Antarctica is miraculous; a remote, white continent of stark and beautiful desolation.
Antarctica is miraculous; a remote, white continent of stark and beautiful desolation. For Nature photographers, Antarctica is without doubt the gold standard against which all other photography destinations are measured. Nowhere else on earth offers such incredible landscape and wildlife in such a pristine and remote environment. Best of all, we have timed our expedition in order to provide the best possible chance for fantastic icebergs and great light. This expedition to Antarctica is Led by Joshua Holko (Wild Nature Photo Travel).
The expedition is for a strictly limited number of 52 participants plus fivephotography guides and expedition leader. We have chartered the full ship - the ice hardened expedition ship M/S Polar Pioneer with a highly experienced crew so that we can get as close as possible to giant icebergs for the best photographs. Our expedition ship the 'Polar Pioneer' is equipped with sufficient zodiacs and crew for all photographers to be shooting simultaneously with plenty of room to spare for camera equipment. So bring what you need! We invite you to join us on a 14 days (13 nights) photography expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula in December 2023. Get ready for the ultimate return to Antarctica Expedition
Pinguins, photo tour to South Georgia

• Gigantic tabular icebergs in Antarctic Sound

• Vast Adélie, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguin colonies

• Antarctic Wildlife and Landscape Photography

• Midnight Sun light for Photography

• Giant glaciers, Mountains and Snow Fields

• Ice Hardened, Expedition Class Ship 'Polar Pioneer'
Antarctic pinguins photo

Based on previous photography expeditions to Antarctica in December we plan to use the travel route as illustrated on the map over page. However, our final itinerary may change due to ice, weather and other environmental conditions.

Day 0

We recommend you plan to arrive at least one day early in Ushuaia, Argentina in case of lost luggage or other delays. There are many good hotels in Ushuaia and we can recommend one for you.

Day 1

Departure from Ushuaia, sailing out the Beagle channel and into the Drake Passage. We begin our welcome to Antarctica lectures.

Day 2

At sea. We cross the Drake Passage and begin our journey toward Antarctica. Our photography begins almost immediately with Albatross, Petrels, and many other sea birds that follow our ship as we traverse the Drake. We will have a number of briefings and lectures during the voyage in order to help you prepare for our first photography session in Antarctica.

Day 3

First landing at the South Shetland islands. Our landing site will be chosen based on the prevailing weather conditions. We also expect to encounter and photograph our first icebergs.

Day 4-12

We will be visiting some of the best areas for wildlife and landscape photography during our time in Antarctica. Areas we plan to visit include Antarctic Sound (home of gigantic tabular icebergs), the surreal Deception Island in Whalers Bay (home of rusty whalers remnants), Astrolab and south toward the spectacular Lemaire channel. If conditions permit we will traverse the Lemaire channel in first light and land at Petermann Island. At this time of the year we expect areas like the Weddel sea to be mostly closed with ice, but there will be many other areas for us to explore and photograph including an attempt at the Lemaire Channel. We will take advantage of weather and light to maximize our photographic opportunities at all times.

Day 13

At sea heading toward South America, Argentina.

Day 14

Return back to Ushuaia. Disembark. End of Service.
Penguins, South Georgia, Photography workshop
Pinguins in Antarctica

"After traveling with Joshua Holko and Wild Nature Photo Travel I simply can't imagine going with anyone else. These guys are the real deal." - Robyn Mills - Photographer "If you want to experience and photograph the real Antarctica, look no further than Joshua Holko and Wild Nature Photo Travel" - Martyn Lucas - Photographer
The main focus of this expedition will be Antarctic wildlife including penguins, seabirds, seals, and possibly even whales. We also plan to photograph snow and ice covered landscapes and icebergs. Our expedition has been timed early in the season so we expect fantastic icebergs and a breathtaking winter landscape. Experience has shown us that this will give you the best possible photo opportunities whilst giving us ample opportunity for a landing at Deception Island and a cruise through the Lemaire channel.
Antarctica is one of the hot-spots for photographing penguins, seals and icebergs in a great landscape. We will be landing early in the morning and late in the evening to get the best possible light conditions, which you will miss out on an ordinary tourist trip. We will schedule much longer stops than usual when going ashore in order to provide participants with enough time to get excellent pictures. We will be using five zodiac boats to get ashore or when searching for the wildlife at sea. With 9-10 full days near the Antarctic Peninsula, this expedition is for nature photographers who want more quality time with the Antarctic wildlife and landscape.
Iceberg, photo expedition
Iceberg, photo expedition

• Unlike most tourist cruises to Antarctica, where you are sharing space with regular travelers, our expedition is a full charter dedicated to providing the best possible photographic experience for all aboard. You will be sharing the expedition only with dedicated and passionate photographers.

• Our expedition uses an ice hardened ship that is limited to the small group size of just 52 photographers. IATTO restrictions enforce the number of visitors to Antarctica rigorously. With only 52 photographers you will not miss any opportunity or suffer any landing restrictions due to large passenger numbers.

• Our expedition has been timed as one of the last in the season in order to provide the very best opportunities for great light and fantastic icebergs.

• Photography on our expedition is our primary focus and concern (after safety). Our catering staff understand our requirement to be working when the light is at its best. As such our meal times are flexible and not regimented to ensure we maximize all opportunities.

• Our program is 100% tailored towards photography.

• The photography guide leaders: Joshua Holko and his team are all full time professional Nature photographers who specialize in Polar Photography and who have a combined total of well over twelve seasons of experience and more than twenty four expeditions to Antarctica.

• Our Expedition Leader has spent more than ten summers in Antarctica and is widely regarded as one of the most experienced expedition leaders in Antarctica.

• Our Naturalist is also a professional Nature photographer with more than eight years experience in Antarctica.

• Our expanded photographic guide team is quite simply the best in the business. With a combined total of well over sixty expeditions to Antarctica our guides know and understand what you are looking for in your photography and are dedicated to ensuring you capture the best possible images during the expedition.
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