Where Icebergs are Born
Greenland Photo Expedition, september 2018
Start: September 3, 2018, Akureyri, Iceland
End: September 13, 2018, Akureyri, Iceland

Guides: Mike Reyfman, Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: From USD $8750

When you visit Greenland on this photo-expedition, your imagination will come to life like never before! Your passion for photography will be ignited, and you will exult in the world you see through your lens. Greenland is home to one of the most dramatic landscapes on earth – from the vibrant reds and oranges of the glacier-carved terrain to the depthless blues of the icebergs that serenely float among the fjords. The beauty of Greenland is still wild and untouched, and you will be one of an elite group of photographers that gets to experience it in person and capture it in your photos.

Over the course of our 10-day trip to the East Coast of Greenland, we will make daily shore excursions and maximize the time we have to photograph the awe-inspiring Arctic landscape and fjords of Scoresbysund (Scoresby Sound). These fjords are home to the most incredible iceberg formations in the world. The intensity of the blue fractures in the icebergs will captivate you and provide endless variation in your photos. The light in September creates impressive shadows and teases out the most intense colors from both the land and the ice.

The beauty of this part of the world is raw and visceral and photography expeditions rarely venture here. If you're looking for a truly unique photo tour and want to capture these unparalleled landscapes, reserve your spot today.
Muskoxen of Yamal
Yamal Photo Expedition, march 2018
Start: March 1, 2018, Salekhard Russia
End: March 9, 2018, Salekhard Russia

Guides: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: USD $3 290

In this worksop we will photograph wild Arctic musk oxen, live in a family of reindeer-nomads in their hut made of reindeer skins. We will have a good chance to see the aurora above the endless tundra.

Our trip will begin right on the Arctic Circle in the city of Salekhard. Arriving on the morning flight, we will board a Trekol and take a trip to the inaccessible Gornokhadatinsky section of the Polar-Uralsky natural park. The road there will take 7-10 hours depending on the weather.

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