Yamal Photography Expedition, Murch 2018

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Muskoxen of Yamal
Muskoxen. Yamal photography expedition
Start: March 1, 2018, Salekhard, Russia
End: March 9, 2018, Salekhard, Russia
Guides: Dmitry Arkhipov

The tour ended
In this tour we will photograph wild Arctic musk oxen, live in a family of reindeer-nomads in their hut made of reindeer skins. We will have a good chance to see the aurora above the endless tundra.

Our trip will begin right on the Arctic Circle in the city of Salekhard. Arriving on the morning flight, we will board a Trekol and take a trip to the inaccessible Gornokhadatinsky section of the Polar-Uralsky natural park. The road there will take 7-10 hours depending on the weather.
Nothern Lights. Yamal Photo tour.
Aurora. Yamal Photo Expedition
We will spend six days with a family of locals: Nenets reindeer herders. We will live with them in their hut, photograph their daily life, live amidst a herd of half-wild reindeer in the tundra. Together with our hosts, we will eat traditional dishes, predominantly venison, fish and taiga berries. Of course, there will be more familiar menus available as well. We will rest in sleeping bags, inside a traditional dwelling, and, at night, our hosts will run a generator to recharge our batteries.
Reindeer of Yamal.
Yamal. Reindeer breeder.
We will learn how to harness the reindeer and ride them. At night we will watch the polar sky in the hope of photographing the northern lights, and every day (if weather permits) we will ride a snowmobile with attached sleds to the habitats of the musk oxen and photograph them.

There are not many places in Russia where you can see and photograph these majestic animals in the wild. Musk oxen were brought to the Yamal in 1997 where they were kept in an enclosure. Some of them have been released into the wild, but they still prefer to live near their relatives.

On the March 7 the same Trekol pickes us up, and by the evening we will be in Salekhard in a hotel. One day in Salekhard we use as a reserve in case of bad weather in the tundra. On the March 9 we fly from Salekhard back home, getting lots of impressions and thousands of pictures with us.

Reindeer. Yamal Photography workshop
Reindeer. Yamal photography workshop

* Transport all along the route
* Accomodation and meals in the hut in the family of reindeer breeders
* Guide services and assistance in photography
* Registration of permits for entry to the border zone

* Tickets to Salekhard and back
* Accomodation and meals and excursions in Saleckhard
* Health insurance
* Alcoholic beverages

Yamal expedition. The boy with the dog
Yamal transportation. Trekol.
Yamal photography tour and workshop. The boy with the dog
Reindeer of Yamal. Photography
Dmitry Arkhipov
is Russia leading nature photographer. He concentrates on the Arctic and Antarctic regions and is widely awarded. He has been leading photography workshops in the Arctic regions of Svalbard and Greenland for a number of years.
You can learn more about Dmitry on his website»
Locals of Russian North
Locals of Russian North
Children of Russian North
Children of Russian North
Tundra. Yamal
The man and the deer. Yamal
The man and the deer. Yamal
Yamal. The nomad