Photography tour

Li River and rice terraces

Photo tour with the travel photographer of the year 2017, 2018.
Photo tour on Li River
Li River and rice terraces
Photo tour with the travel photographer of the year 2017, 2018.
Start: June 1, 2019, Guilin
End: June 7, 2019, Guilin

Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 2840 (deposit 1000 €)

Single supplement: 5
00 €.
Li River, fisherman with the birds, photo tour to China
Fisherman on Li River
The Li River is well known among photographers from all over the world for its exceptional landscapes. Karst mountains of incredible shapes frame a winding river. Fishermen, like thousands of years ago, take the fish with the help of tamed gannets sitting on small bamboo rafts. They turn this Guilin region into a real "Mecca" for photographers.

On the late spring, in the neighborhood of Guilin, there is an amazing event – rice fields are abundantly filled with water, and terraces look like long ribbons or chains hung on the slopes of the hills. Many photographers truly call these landscapes one of the most fantastic on Earth.
Fisherman with the birds on Li River

Photo tour program

Days 1-3
We arrive in Guilin International Airport. There are a lot of flights there from many parts of the world.

From the airport we are heading to the small village of Longhi, surrounded by rice terraces. Every year at the end of May or the beginning of June, the peasants pour their allotments with water, turning the surroundings into a real fairy tale. The picturesque hills surrounding the village together with the flooded terraces create a unique landscape, which will be the main goal of our shooting.

There are about 300 families living in this village, who have only 3 family names: Liao, Hou and Pan. Traditionally, the villagers are busy working in rice fields. We will be able to take pictures of landscapes at sunrise and sunset, and the work of peasants, whose life has not changed much over hundreds of years.
Rice terraces on Li River, China
Panorama in Yangshuo, Guilin, China
Days 4-6.
In the morning after the shooting, we are moving to Yangshuo. The streets of this ancient city have remained unchanged for 14 centuries, and along the banks of the Li River, there are picturesque karst mountains. We will climb some of them to make beautiful landscape photos.
Купюра в 20 юаней и рекой Ли
Li River on the banknote 20 yuan
We will also take pictures of local fishermen. At sunset they sail on their bamboo boats, illuminating the way with gas lamps. We'll have the opportunity to make great shots.

One day early in the morning we will head to Five Finger Mountain (Wuzhi Mountain), 22 km from Yangshuo. Climbing the mountain takes about 20 minutes, from where we will take photos of karst peaks with the river in the foreground. This beautiful view is excellent in any weather.

We will also head to Xianggong Hill, the best place to observe sunsets on the Li River. In this place it bends like a horseshoe against the background of picturesque hills.
Horseshoe Li River, phototour
Karst mountains near Yangshuo, China
Horse shoe on Li River, photo tour
Karst mountains near Yangshuo, China
Day 7.
After breakfast in the hotel, our tour ends and you can go to the airport and fly home.

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