The three brothers in Dolomites

The Dolomites

Start: October 3, 2018. Munich, Germany
End: October 11, 2018. Munich, Germany
The group: 8 participants
Dolomites in Autumn is truly a beautiful sight and is known for its magnificent beauty. The pointed peaks and attractive gold colours are reflected in the deep incredible blue sky, pink clouds, alpine meadows, and crystal lake. And some things that are found only in this region may include Tyrolean colouring, picturesque places, toy houses, deep gorges, and mountain ranges.

In October, amazing fogs appeared on the mountains and the golden autumn add to the beauty of the region. Tourists are limited and the dolomite landscape appears with all glory.
Tour-map and routes in the Dolomites
The map of the tour in the Dolomites
Day 1. (October 3)
Hohenschwangau Neuschwanstein Castle and Munich

We reach Munich and move forward towards Hohenschwangau to the Bavaria pearl, extremely romantic New Swan Rock or Neuschwanstein castle. Wagner's music and Swan's motif permeate the whole interiors and architecture of the castle. We will be shooting Hohenschwangau castle in the morning and Neuschwanstein during sunset hours. All these areas deserve attention.

After breakfast, we will be heading towards Italian Dolomite.

(2 hours, 156 km)
Day 2. (October 4)
Santa Maddalena

The most attractive and famous area in Dolomite is Val di Funes with the exceptional beauty of "Picturesque alpine village of Santa Magdalena". The majestic Alpine peaks outline, neat small houses covered by meadows of alpine, St Johann Church at the back of emerald trees present an amazing view that can be seen from the window of the hotel.

We will be shooting here at Sunrise and Sunset.

Day 3. (October 5)
Alpes di Siusi

The landscape of this region is not conceited popular for its beauty. The best Dolomite landscape is situated in this region. In the season of Autumn, you can roam about the tourist routes, laid through copses and meadows with golden larches.

In morning, we will be climbing into the high mountains in order to catch the fogs.
Day 4. (October 6)

On a particular day, we will be going into the high mountains where in the season of Autumn, only desperate hunters and photographers for shooting and mountain eagles can be seen. In the valley, the hospitable mountain masters will be greeting us by providing shelter with fireplace and peasant food as well as mulled hot wine, as they have done many years back.

In the morning as well as evening, we will be shooting the Dolomite Icons-Peak Seceda.

Day 5. (October 7)
Lago Carezza

In the valley, near to the peaks covered with snow, there found a lake, famous for its beauty named as carezza. After breakfast, we will be going there through picturesque with the notion of capturing the lake's green water against Dolomite's peak backdrop.
Day 6-7. (October 8-9)
Cortina d'Ampezzo - Lake Misurina (Lago Misurina)

On the sixth day, we will be stopping and will be shooting magnificent and amazing view of lakes at Sunrise and Sunset by making a small tour by walk. At evening hours, we will be coming to Mizurin Lake where there are many excellent views.

We will prefer mountain walks in order to capture the amazing places. In afternoon, we will be sharing and discussing the footage.
Day 8-9. (October 10 - 11)
Lago Di Braises

For expedition desert, we leave a stunning and beautiful lake that is situated on the border with Austria-the Lago di Braises. The water of this amazing high-mountain region lake is clear and reflect the surrounding mountain peak. Various picturesque routes can be seen around this lake where breath-taking and the amazingly beautiful view can be seen at every possible step. On October morning, we will finish the ongoing photo expedition and will leave for the airport of Munich.
On the morning of October 11, we finish our photo-expedition and leave for Munich airport.
The cost of the tour includes:

* Transport all along the route
* Accomodation
* Guide services
* Assistance in photography
The tour price does not include:

* Tickets to Munich and back
* Health insurance
* Meals and beverages