China. Fishermen and nets

Photo tour to Xiapu

Фототур по реке Ли, Китай
Photo tour to Xiapu
China. Fishermen and nets.
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Start: May 30, 2021, Xiapu, China
End: June 4, 2021, Xiapu, China

Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 2340 (deposit 1000 €)

Single supplement: 7
00 €.
Xiapu is the most picturesque coast in China with the green sea, pebble beaches, and charming fishing boats. Against the background of numerous islands, here you can make beautiful multidimensional photos. In Spring in Xiapu begins the season of collecting seaweed. This is the best time for a photo tour.

We are planning to visit several fishing villages and take photos of scenes from the life of fishermen. Here, as hundreds of years ago, Chinese girls mend nets, sitting on the threshold of an ancient temple in the rays of the setting sun, and peasants take their oxen to plow small plots.
Fishing nets, Xiapu, China

Программа фототура

Fishing nets in Xiapu, China
Fishing nets, Xiapu, China
Day 1 (May 30)

Meeting in Xiapu.

With those of you who participated in the previous tour in Guilin "Rice terraces and fishermen of Li river" we arrive at the hotel in Xiapu.

And we meet the newly arrived participants of the tour at the Xiapu railway station, which can be reached by a high-speed train from Shanghai airport.

We will taste the famous local tea and stay in a comfortable hotel.
Day 2 (May 31)

Dawn, Yangjiaxi village and fishing nets.

Early in the morning, we are going to the high shore overlooking the ocean and small islands, where we can make beautiful landscape pictures.

Yangjiaxi village is famous for its banyan forest, these trees have the largest crown. We will take pictures of local farmers, taking their bulls to the fields, lightened by bright rays of the sun through the leaves.

Return to the hotel for rest.

In the evening we will take photos of landscapes with intricate S-shaped figures formed of bamboo poles with nets for catching crabs. In the season of collecting seaweed, we can make lots of interesting pictures here.

We'll be here at high tide. Good pictures can only be taken at this time.
Day 3 (June 1)

Dawn, Bailu village and Mudflats.

At dawn, we are taking photos at the Mantou Hill. At high tide, when the water floods bamboo poles with seaweed, the landscape changes every minute.

Later we will take photos of local farmers from the Bailu village at work, who harvest and dry seaweed.

In the afternoon we will take photos of floating fishing nets in shallow water. Fishermen in boats on the background of shrimp catching nets will be a great topic for a photography session.
Day 4 (June 2)

Circle nets and portraits of fishermen.

Before dawn, we are going to the XIAQINGSHAN bridge. We will be taking pictures of scenes from the lives of local fishermen who take out the nets set in the evening.

Dawn shots with sparkling golden nets will be a good reward for an early rise. It will also be possible to take photos of peasants working on an oyster farm.

In the afternoon we will take portraits of peasants in their traditional dwellings.
Day 5 (June 3)

Fishermen in mangroves, portraits and sunset.

In the morning we are going to the mangroves to take photos of fishermen. Fishing methods have not been changed here for hundreds of years. Here you can witness lots of interesting stories with simple lines and interesting composition. This is a good place for black and white photography.

After that, we are going to the ancient temple, where women mend nets. Beautiful light coming through the half-open doors illuminates scenes from the life of fishermen's families.
Day 6 (June 4)

Tour ending.

Our tour ends, after breakfast you can leave home.
Xiapu, the girl with the bulls, China
Xiapu, the girl with the bulls
Xiapu, the girl with the bulls
Xiapu, the girl with the bulls

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