Photography Workshop

Winter in Portugal

10 days at the edge of Europe
Фототур в Португалию
Winter in Portugal
10 days at the edge of Europe
Start: January 2, 2023, Lisboa, Portugal
January 11, 2023, Lisboa, Portugal
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 3245€ (deposit 1500€)
Early bird price before June 15, 2022: 3120€
Single supplement: 900€

Winter in Portugal is awesome! It is quite warm here, there are very few tourists, and most importantly, there is a good chance to catch magnificent waves. This is the reason why photographers from all over the world come here!

Portugal is unique and beautiful, it is located on the edge of a huge ocean, and all its nature, history and architecture are inextricably linked with this ocean. The ocean and its amazing beaches will be the main theme of our photo tour. Stunning coastline, cliffs, bizarre caves and stone wells, endless beaches and lighthouses, reminding us of the former greatness of a huge empire and the times when beautiful ships sailed to unknown worlds.
Amoreira beach, Portugal
We will drive along the most iconic places of the Portuguese coast from Cape San Vicente, also called the "Springboard to the Atlantic", to the Barra do Duro lighthouse in the north in the magnificent Porto, where, with a fair amount of luck, during a storm, you can take amazing pictures.
Tram in Lisboa
We will go up to the hills to a troll village nestled among giant boulders. You will not find such breathtaking landscapes in any other country in the world, we will shoot an incredible man-made well, the shots of which invariably cause delight and surprise, and of course, we will stop by to shoot the stunning palaces of Sintra.
The flight above the Cape of Mercy
I almost forgot to mention the excellent Portuguese cuisine. Cod, sardines, all kinds of sausages and different types of meat, the famous Lisbon desserts, and much more can only be found here, on the shores of the raging Atlantic. And also port wines, madeira and the best Duoro wines ...
Artificial waterfall, Portugal
This is a great trip, and a wonderful country for photography lovers.


Day 1 .

We meet at the hotel near Lisbon Airport at 4:00 pm and set off for an evening shoot at the famous Belen Tower, one of the symbols of the city. At sunset, this tower is always extraordinarily photogenic. After shooting, we will have dinner in one of the authentic restaurants near the bridge over the Tagus River, and walk around Lisbon at night.
Day 2 .

For morning shooting, we will go to another iconic site - the Vasco da Gama bridge. At this point, the Tagus River reaches a width of several kilometers, and the bridge seems to soar in the morning mist, leaving the horizon.
After breakfast, we drive south to the magnificent Atlantic coast to the Porto Covo area. This is an unusually beautiful place with graceful rocks, high cliffs and small snow-white houses of fishermen. Here we will shoot at sunset.

(drive about 170 km)
Day 3 .

After capturing the magnificent beaches of Porto Covo at the sunrise and a Portuguese breakfast, our journey continues south to the most interesting and eventful coast of Portugal. Famous caves and arches, huge rocks, lighthouses and ancient forts that remember the caravels of the great Portuguese navigators.

On this day, we will try to shoot a real miracle of nature - the Benagil grotto. Stunning pictures can be taken at the moment when the sun peers in through the "windows" on the huge dome. To get to the grotto, we will make a short trip across the ocean in kayaks. It will be quite short, only 5 minutes, but the reward will be an unforgettable experience and great pictures. And if waves do not allow us to get into kayaks, we will go to the grotto on a motor boat.
Evening shooting is planned on the amazing ocean beach - Marinha. This stunningly beautiful place with an endless number of islands, caves and grottoes, one of the most beautiful beaches of Portugal. Drone photography is also good here.

(Drive about 130 km)
Day 4 .

After a morning shooting and a delicious breakfast, we move west to Ponte da Piedade.
And at sunset we will visit the famous Cape San Vincente with a lighthouse standing on a high rocky shore. This is the most southwestern point of Portugal and of continental Europe. Since ancient times, this place was considered magical. People believed that the sun hissed down into the ocean here, marking the end of their world.

(Drive about 40 km)
Day 5 .

On this day, we meet sunrise at the cape of Ponte Piedade, a place of stunning beauty. Dozens of small islands, arches and grottoes picturesquely intertwined in a wonderful pattern created by the ocean. The rising sun beautifully illuminates the small bays, as if carved by a skillful sculptor. Drone shots are also good here.
After breakfast, we head north to a beautiful place on the Atlantic coast among pine forests, windmills, vineyards and endless ocean beaches. At sunset, we will go to the lighthouse at Cape Espichel.

(Drive about 300 km)
Day 6 .

After the morning shooting, we leave for Cabo da Roca. And on the way we will make a stop in Sintra, where we will take pictures of the bizarre patterns of the mysterious Well of Initiation. This is the most interesting structure of the Regaleira. Rumor has it that in this 30-meter inverted tower, initiation rites into Masons took place. But this is not certain.
Sunset shooting is planned on the magnificent Cabo da Roca. This is an amazing location with a lighthouse on a high, rugged ocean shore with beautiful foregrounds that give us a great opportunity for landscape photography.

(Drive about 70 km)
Day 7 .

After the sunrise on Cabo da Roca, we leave for the mountains to the east to the border with Spain. We are heading to another amazing place in Portugal, the village of Monsanto.

Cozy little houses on the hills, winding medieval streets and huge boulders scattered throughout the town. A real hobbit hideout where each of us will find plenty of interesting scenes and objects for photography.

(Drive about 300 km)
Day 8 .

After the dawn shooting at the hills of Monsanto, we will go to a very interesting place. In the middle of the desert area there is a man-made waterfall that takes the water seemingly nowhere. To get to this remote place which is hidden from the eyes of travelers, we will make a short one-hour hike. Believe me, this is an amazing place where you can make unusual pictures from the ground or from a drone.
Then we go to the colorful northern capital, the city of Porto, where we plan to be late in the evening. The famous lighthouse is located here. The waves of the winter Atlantic beautifully break on this lighthouse during the storm. We will shoot it in the morning the next day, and today we are going for a walk through the city at night.

(Drive about 95 km, 1 hour hike to waterfall, easy trail, drive about 270 km to Porto)
Day 9 .

In the morning we will walk around Porto, take pictures of the lighthouse, and then drive south along the coast. On the way we will visit the world capital of surfers, the city of Nazare. Due to the unique topography of the bottom, waves near the shore often reach the height of a 9-storey building. If we are lucky, we will see an amazing spectacle and get a great opportunity to take interesting shots of the highest waves in the world.
We will shoot at sunset and spend the night in the city-peninsula of Peniche, surrounded on all sides by the ocean and rocks, on which huge waves break.

(Drive about 260 km)
Day 10 .

This is the last day of our photo workshop. After morning shooting of the coastal cliffs and a farewell breakfast, we will go to Lisbon airport, where we plan to be at approximately 14:00.

(Drive 100 km)

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* guide services, photography consultations

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