Photo tour to Normandy

Mont Saint-Michel abbey, Chalk Cliffs and Arches of Etretat, oysters and wine
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Start: Sep 30, 2019, Paris, France
End: Oct 6, 2019, Paris, France
Guide: Dmitry Arkhipov
Price: 2650 € (deposit 1500 €, single supplement 750 €)
The "Emerald Coast" of Normandy and Brittany.

We are going to see the famous arches of Étretat, walk along the quick sands of the English channel. We will be shooting the stunning Mont Saint-Michel at different times of the day.
We will visit the oyster capital of Cancale,
and stay on the famous promenade at a small market, eat oysters, drink excellent white wine and throw shells into the ocean.

We will taste an incredible combination of all kinds of seafood: fresh fish, oysters, crabs, crawfish, mussels, shrimp and a variety of shellfish.

We will taste the best Calvados.
We are going to see the medieval Norman and Breton cities, where the buildings of the last Millennium have been preserved, visit the famous Benedictine Palace, where the world-famous liquor is produced.


Day 1. (September 30)

We meet at Paris airport of Charles de Gaulle at 12.00 local time and go to the town of Étretat on the coast of the English channel, where we have a wonderful seafood dinner.
Day 2. (October 1)

For 3 nights we are staying in a beautiful hotel, with a terrace that offers wonderful views of the city and the sea.
In the morning we are taking photos of the rocks and the arch of Étretat.

In the afternoon, after breakfast, we are going to the ancient seaside town of Fécamp with a great history. The city is also known by famous Benedictine liqueur. We will take a tour to the Benedictine Palace which involves tasting of this very liquor.

In the evening we have sunset shooting in arches of Étretat.
Day 3. (October 2)

Morning and sunset shooting of alabaster arches of Étretat.
In the afternoon we can take a day trip to Rouen.
Day 4. (October 3)
Étretat - Mont Saint-Michel. Honfleur.

After the morning shooting we are going to Honfleur through the beautiful bridge across the mouth of Seine - Pont-de-Normandie.
Honfleur is a picturesque Norman town at the confluence of Seine into the English channel. On the shore of the picturesque waterscape we will taste the famous mussels in Roquefort sauce with white wine.

Further, through the Norman villages, we are going to Mont Saint-Michel, where we are staying in a hotel near the Abbey.
Day 5. (October 4)
Mont Saint-Michel

In the morning we are taking photos of Mont-Saint-Michel. If you wish you can walk through the famous quicksand of the English channel. We can wade through the flow meadows of the Couesnon, take a photo of the castle with grazing sheep from an unusual angle. In the afternoon we are going to the city of Saint Malo with an old stone bastille. In the evening we are having sunset shooting.
Day 6. (October 5)
Mont Saint-Michel. Cancale

Morning and evening shooting. We are having lunch at Cancale - the world capital of oysters where we get along the emerald coast of France. We will be tasting the freshest and finest seafood of Brittany.
Day 7. (October 6)
Mont Saint-Michel - Paris

Morning shooting, saying good-bye to Mont Saint-Michel and departure to Paris airport of Charles de Gaulle.
The tour ends at 6 p.m. at Charles de Gaulle airport.

For those of you who go further to Italy, we have planned an overnight stay in a hotel near the airport, and the next morning we fly to Venice to the beginning of the tour to the Dolomites.

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